Monday, 5 December 2016

New Bride Devastated by Discovering Child -Porn on Husband's Phone

A newlywed who feared her husband was cheating made a horrifying discovery after checking his mobile phone for clues. Bride Jane Gaskin , 47 from Birmingham, instead discovered indecent images of children that revealed that true nature of her beloved groom.

 The ink on their marriage certificate was barely dry when lorry driver David Huggins (seen left with Jane on the couple's wedding day), 48, was arrested and Jane threw him out just 10 weeks after their wedding .

He had become less interested in her and very secretive with his phone so she thought he was cheating  on her.When she got the slightest opportunity to scroll through his phone, she was shocked to discover indecent images of kids.

She confronted him and hen fled eith the phone to a friend's house to preserve the evidence while she called the police.

David has since pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent photographs of a child  and wasmade to sign a sex offenders register.

Jane does not regret her actions of reporting him, but she feels trapped because she is still married to David as she is unable to get a divorce  because she spent all her savings on their wedding.

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