Monday, 5 December 2016

Man Takes Mugshot with his Parrot..

Craig Buckner,  posed with his four-year-old macaw when he was booked into Washington County jail on Monday.

 He had brought the bird to court not knowing he would be arrested for violating the terms of his release. As Buckner appeared in court his parrot was left waiting patiently on a tree branch outside.
So when Buckner was handcuffed, he told the court the bird was outside and he was allowed to retrieve it.

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Kindhearted cops then allowed Buckner to retrieve his 'jailbird'. "She was very concerned for the safety of bird and also for Buckner's mental well being," said Sgt. Bob Ray.

When Buckner stepped outside Bird came right down to him, officers said. They took the animal inside where Deputy McKelvey fed Bird some peanuts before they took booking photos - with and without the macaw.

The bird was later collected by one of Buckner's friends.

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