Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mother of Man who Died of Cancer Gets Doll that Looks Like Him

A 65-year-old mother Betty Bading who lost her 39-year-old son, Greg, to cancer has immortalized him by having a doll made to look exactly like he did as an infant so that she could hold him whenever she wants.

 The mother who lives in Tasmania, Australia, had been a lover of porcelain dolls when she was younger and had quite a number of them until they were destroyed in a house fire years ago. Being a cancer and stroke survivor herself, Betty was devastated when she learned her son had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

After it became clear that Greg had only a short time to live, her interest in dolls was rekindled with the help of her dying son who encouraged her to pick up her hobby again since it gives her pleasure.
Taking his advice Ms. Bading was introduced to Reborn Dolls - dolls are made to look and feel like human babies and can be custom-made to look exactly like a loved one. Greg was alive at the time the doll was made and was impressed by the uncanny resemblance.

 The doll is also said to look like Greg’s son, Sebastian. At the moment, Ms. Brading has added 40 more dolls to her collection, each resembling a family member and her collection is said to be worth $12,000.

Isn't this going to make the pain never go away?

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