Saturday, 20 August 2016

Nigeria Gets a Bronze Medal

Nigeria's Dream Team 6 wins bronze medal in their quarter final match decided this evening. They beat Honduras 3-2 to grab the bronze medal in a match that saw tensions rising as Nigeria had a 3-0 lead at some point in the match. * heart kept skipping....

Man who named his dog Buhari Re-arrested

Joe Chinakwe who named his dog Buhari has been re-arrested.The police in Ogun state said he was re-arrested to protect his life because his action can cause ethno-religious violence. Chinakwe's neighbor who arrested him initially is said to have accused him of naming his dog after his father Alhaji Buhari and writing the name on the dog's body. Even though both parties were made to sign an under-taking not to cause more trouble,it was gathered that the Nigerien and his friends were planning to inflict bodily harm on Chinakwe,hence his re-arrest. The police spokesman said Mr Unakwe will be charged to court soon.

Frank Edoho's ex-wife Katherine looking Good

Ex-wife of who wants to be a millionaire host Frank Edoho shared these lovely photos. She looks really good!

Tunde Bakare Visits President Buhari

Pastor Tunde Bakare who was the vice presidential running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2011 elections visited the President yesterday in Abuja. The president who was obviously happy tweeted these pictures

Stella Damasus says your hate gives her QUICK MONEY

Stella Damasus posted the message below for her haters to keep hating and give her more money. It seems some people have not forgiven her for the alleged "sins" of husband snatching she committed in the past

Donald Trump Goes Nude in Statues.

. These life sized statues of Donald Trump has gone viral.The statues are in response to Trump calling Mexicans rapist.Statues were done by an activist group Indecline.They say the statues reflects an overly self assured leader who fails to realize his suit is actually his birthday suit. They have been placed across several U.S cities.More pictures below

Japanese Doctor to give cash to Dream team Coach Siasia and Capt.Mikel

Japanese plastic surgeon Dr. Taksuya Takasu who promised to give cash donations to Dream team 6 if they win the any medal in the Rio Olympic games is said to be on way to Brazil to watch the quarter final match between Nigeria and Honduras and to make chewues donations to coach Samson Siasia and captain Mikel Obi totaling $$390,000.Coach Siasia Is to get $200,000 .00 while Mikel is to get $190,000.00. Dr Taksuya who fell in love with the team had promised to give the players $30,000.00 each if they win gold,$20,000 if they win silver and $12,000 each if they win Bronze.

Doctor Dupes wife =N=6.7m

The Economic and financial crimes commission has arrested one Chike Nnaemeka, a doctor for allegedly tricking a Federal Road safety staff Nkechi Ani into marrying him and footing the bill of the marriage without telling her that he was married with three children. In her petition, she alleged that Dr Justified prevented her and her family members from visiting his house as its the tradition in his village because hevis a lone prince .She alleges that Dr Justified duped her of a total of =N=6.7m The EFFC says the accused will soon be charged to court Chile also known as Dr. Justified allegedly deceived his 'wife' into parting with cash on the pretext that he had properties which two banks were interested in but needed some money to conclude the deal.

Friday, 19 August 2016

German Female Team wins Gold

German female football team wins gold in the Rio Olympic games 2016 with a 2-1 win over Sweden for the first time.
The Germans came alive in the second half, they took the game to the Swedish side. A move that forced Sweden to concede an own goal.

Senator Akpabio's Wife Thanks God for her Health

Wife of former former governor of Akwa Ibom state Ekaette-Unoma Akpabio took to her social media handle to thank God for sparing her life after undergoing several surgeries to help separate her bowel which was down to her skin after she gave birth through C-sections. Trust Nigerians to seize every opportunity to bare their minds,they simply gave her a message to her husband.

The word Today

Isaiah 1:19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. When it comes to pleasing God and receiving from Him, obedience cannot be over emphasized. Mary told Jesus’ disciples when there was need for a miracle at the marriage in Cana in Galilee …Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it (John 2:5b). But looking at our focal text, God expects more than obedience from us, He expects something I think is more crucial which is; WILLINGNESS. You know you can obey without being willing but you can’t be willing without wanting to obey.   A long time ago I read from Romans chapter 7, I saw from that scripture that God is more interested in what we want to do than what we actually do, Paul said … for what I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I (Rom. 7:15). God knew that he had no power of his own to help himself; God had to help him because He saw his willingness.   II Corinthians 9:6-8; But this I say, He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work. Any one that must work for God and expects to be blessed by Him must do it with excitement. Never get to serve God with a heart that is complaining; no matter what you do at that point, you are bound to forfeit the reward. All grace abounds to people who serve with a cheerful heart. Pray with me: Oh Lord, help me not just to obey you, but to be willing also in Jesus name.

Oklahoma Man Kills Lebanese Neighbor.

A 61 year old Oklahoma man has been accessed of killing his neighbor of Friday after he was heard chanting anti-Muslim slurs. At his family who are actually Lebanese Christians.He had tried to run over the man's mother with his vehicle. The police day Khalid Jabara was killed in his Tusla home and Stanley Majors is being held on a first degree murder complaint and being in possession of a firearm. The Jabara family is said to have issued a statement saying Majors had called the names like "filthy Arabs" "dirty Lebanese" and "Mooslem" He also said to be very racist against foreigners and blacks.They had gotten a restraining order against Majors in September when he tried to ram Jabara's mother. Police is yet to determine if Majors will be charged with a hate crime

U.S Swimmers in Hot water! Not Robbed ,Police says

Claim by U.S swimmers who reported that they were robbed by robbers posing as policemen in Rio De Janeiro have been proved by the Brazilian police to be false.At a press brief yesterday,the police say the swimmers were angry and intoxicated.The Brazilian civil police chief said: The swimmers had vandalized a gas station and that the security guard used his weapon which is registered to control the intoxicated swimmers.He said the swimmers could still be charged for laying false complaint and for vandalism.He said also that one of the swimmers had confessed that they lied about the robbery. Recall that the international passports of two of the swimmers were earlier seized when the police discovered that were about to fly out of Brazil during the course of the investigation.The police spokesman said Ryan as well as the other swimmers were not co-operating with the police.Ryan Lochte has left Brazil. The police has asked the swimmers to apologize to Rio residents.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Why I Named my Dog Buhari

Yesterday the police in Ogun State released unconditionally, the 30-year-old trader, Joe Fortemose Chinakwe, who was arrested last Saturday for naming his pet dog ‘Buhari’. The embattled trader, who was visibly angry after his three-day incarceration in police cell, was let off the hook around 5pm on Tuesday after the intervention of both the Serkin Hausa and President-General of non-indigenes in the state. It was learned that the prompt intervention of the elders made the complainant to withdraw the case he reported against the trader at Sango-Ota division which was later transferred to Police headquarters at Eleweran.
However, police sources said both the complainant and suspect were made to sign an undertaking not to cause any breach of peace again. Speaking to Vanguard after this release, the trader, a father of two from the Niger Delta, who trades on second hand clothing lamented that he was made to suffer for no just cause. Complainant from Niger Republic. Narrating his ordeal, Chinakwe said “It is annoying because the complainant is from Niger Republic and I am sure he is one of those illegal aliens in this country. He connived with one Police Sergeant from the Northern part of Nigeria called Musa, who works at Sango Police division to humiliate me. Worse still, the Divisional Police Officer there, did not help matters as he refused to entertain any plea from me after I was arrested that Saturday night. He simply ordered his men to throw me into the cell.” When asked why he named his dog Buhari Chinakwe said:" I did not commit any offence. I named my beloved pet dog Buhari, who is my hero. My admiration for Buhari started far back when he was a military Head of State. It continued till date that he is a civilian President. After reading his dogged fight against corruption, which is like a canker worm eating into the very existence of this country, I solely decided to rename my beloved dog which I called Buhari, after him. I did not know that I was committing an offence for admiring Buhari. Speaking on his ordeal with the police,he said: “I was intimidated and thrown inside the cell with hardened criminals for about three days. While I was there, the complainant from Niger Republic and Sergeant Musa from the North kept on taunting me saying people from my part of the country are trouble makers and that after detaining me, they will throw me into prison where I will die unsung. ”Even when my wife came with our baby on her back, they stopped her from giving me food. One of my friends that came to see me was also maltreated. “While taking me to Eleweran the next day, they handcuffed and chained me together with that my friend. Fortunately, when we got to police headquarters, both the Commissioner of Police and other officers were angry with their colleagues at Sango-Ota. ”They were wondering loudly why I was brought to the headquarters over such a minor case. It’s very unfortunate that I have to be so humiliated in my own country because of the antics of a foreigner in connivance with my brother from the North.” Culled from Vanguard.

Sudden Infant Deaths Increases!

A new research has shown that the number of children dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is increasing.Sudden infant death is the death of children under the age of one which cause cannot be determined by autopsy. One of the main causes of this type of death in infants between the age 1month and 1year is the positioning of infants when they sleep.Most parents lay the infants to sleep on their sides and on their stomach instead of making the infants sleep with their backs to the bed. Another great cause of infant deaths is laying the children on beds with sleep hazardous objects like clothes,blankets,and loose beddings.These are dangerous as they can lead to suffocation. The study on some mums and infants showed: •1 month olds: ◦21 percent were placed on non-recommended sleep surfaces ◦14 percent were not placed on their backs to sleep ◦91 percent had loose or non-approved items in the bed with them ◦28 percent were moved by parents to a new sleep position overnight •3 month olds: ◦10 percent were placed on non-recommended sleep surfaces ◦18 percent were not placed on their backs to sleep ◦87 percent had loose or non-approved items in the bed with them ◦18 percent were moved by parents to a new sleep position overnight •6 months old: ◦12 percent were placed on non-recommended sleep surfaces ◦33 percent were not placed on their backs to sleep ◦93 percent had loose or non-approved items in the bed with them ◦12 percent were moved by parents to a new sleep position overnight. If you are a parent,it is recommended that you allow your baby sleep on his or her back and keep unsafe objects away from the bed.

Chinese Woman Takes Girl Shopping in Birth suit

This Chinese woman takes her daughter shopping in a supermarket in her birthsuit.
The picture has caused quite an uproar on social media with some people calling it the height of child abuse. I Wonder what could have caused this behaviour because I don't want to believe this was purposely done On all grounds though, this is very wrong.

Muslim Pilgrims Arrested for suspected Drug Trafficking.

Three Muslim pilgrims of Kwara state origin have been arrested in Medina Saudi Arabia for allegedly being in possession of substance believed to be cocaine.
The names of the pilgrims were not given but the secretary of the state Muslim welfare board confirmed the story saying the affected pilgrims are with the Saudi authorities.

The Word Today

II Kings 13:21 And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet. As human, whenever we are faced with disappointment (especially from close friends or relatives) we tend to conclude that is the end for us. For children of God, this most times is a door way to greater glory. The people carrying the man to be buried in the text for today should be his close friends and relatives, which at the face of trouble abandoned the man to save their own lives. I can hear them say of what use is this dead man to us, he is a liability throw him away. Child of God, have you become a liability to your friends or relatives? Men may abandon you, friends and relatives may forsake you, cheer up God is about to take you over, you know what; they just abandoned you for God to do his thing in your life.   A word for you; don’t bother about some disappointments you have now, don’t bother about some separations you’re going through for God is working things out for you. The bible says ...all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his PURPOSE (Rom. 8:28).   Psalms 27:10; When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up. Let these words of David give you courage. Thank God that man did not give you that job; thank God that connection from that friend did not work, for God is set to take a greater glory over your life that is why all efforts of men to assist you have failed. Pray with me: Father, thank you for your love and care for me. Lord, disappoint every disappointment in my life and take me to unprecedented favour and glory in Jesus name.

This is how I'm running Errands from now on

Ellen Degeneres posted this picture which she thought was funny and captioned it: "This is how I'm running errands from now on #Rio1016".But Twitter followers came down hard on her calling her a racist. Defending her tweet she says:"I am highly aware about racism in our country, it is the furthest thing from who I am."

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dream team 6 this evening lost their match against Germany.The match ended 2-0 in favor of Germany .The quest for an Olympic gold a second time has ended.
The team still stands a chance of getting at least a bronze medal if they can win their third place match against Honduras. I do hope they play better than they did tonight.This match didn't bring the fire that I have seen in team since the competition started.

PDP Postpones National Convention

The People Democratic Party convention that was to hold today despite the two conflicting judgments has been postponed to a later date not stated. In a statement issued ,the party said: "The Repeat National Convention of our Party has just ended at the State PDP Secretariat, Aba Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The Convention which was presided over by the Chairman of Convention Planning Committee, Chief Nyesom Wike, the Executive Governor of Rivers State and also has other Party leaders, Governors, Delegates took the following decisions: 1. Dissolving the earlier agenda to conduct elections into various offices to fill the vacuum orchestrated by the expiration of the tenure of the former Working Committee members; 2. The Convention ratified the constitution of the National Caretaker Committee as constituted by the 21st May, 2016 Convention in Port Harcourt, Rivers State; 3. Extended the tenure of the National Caretaker Committee ably led by Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, CON by 12 months, that is 1 year to enable the Party resolve all pending legal issues in Courts; 4. The Convention also increased the number of the Caretaker Committee from 7 to 13 in order to cater for all the offices available in the NWC and includes all the zones of the federation."

6 Year Old Girl Accused of witchcraft Brutalized.

A six year old girl has been accused of being a witch by her guardian. Her cousin shared the pictures below on her face book page Rita Ifeoma Ayim the cousin of the little girl also posted image of the alleged couple.
See her post below.

Bank Manager accused of Fraud.

Another former bank manager of Diamond bank Chinedu Oguike has been brought before a federal high court in Lagos over an alleged =N=24m fraud. He was charged with a three counts charge of false pretence,conspiracy and advance fe fraud by the Special fraud unit of the Nigerian police force. The accused person was said to have collected money from one Ofomba Nnabugwu with promise of giving him a property in Lagos in 2014.Mr Oguike is said to have also packaged questionable loan facility for himself using a different name and using the same property he had promised Ofomba as collateral. The accused has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

PDP Convention ;Valid and Invalid judgements

THE political rumblings within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)is getting worse as the party tries to elect its national chairman.Two federal high courts have given two contradictory judgments on whether the convention will be held or not. The federal high court sitting in Port Harcourt presided over by Justice Ibrahim Watila ruled that the convention should go on with the Independent electoral commission on ground to monitor the process of electing the new national chairman and also ruled that the police and DSS provide security at the convention grounds while Justice Abang sitting in Abuja high Court ruled that the convention be put on suspension. The Port Harcourt judgement came first ,but Justice Abang berated parties to the suit for filing the same suits in two different courts.He also said:"The Port Harcourt Division of this court cannot make an order to neutralise the proceedings of this court.”. Speaking to reporters,governor Nyesom Nwike who is chairman of the convention planning committee said the convention will go on,as all is now set and that the have the backing of the law.

Facts About Nigeria's History.

This post is about some important events in the history of Nigeria.Nigeria like every other nation has its own fair share of events that forms our history.Some of them have been mentioned below 1472 - Portuguese navigators reach Nigerian coast 16-18th centuries - Slave trade: Millions of Nigerians are sold and sent to the American continent. 1809 - Sokoto caliphate - is founded in the north. 1830s-1886 - Civil wars plague Yorubaland, in the south. 1850s - British establish presence around Lagos. 1861-1914 - Britain consolidates its hold over what it calls the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria, governs by "indirect rule" through local leaders. 1922 - Part of former German colony Kamerun is added to Nigeria under League of Nations mandate. 1960 - Independence, with Prime Minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa leading a coalition government. 1962-63 - Controversial census causes regional and ethnic tensions. 1966 January - Tafawa Balewa was killed in a coup. Major-General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi heads up military administration. 1966 July - Aguiyi Ironsi was killed in counter-coup, replaced by Lieutenant-Colonel Yakubu Gowon. 1967 - Three eastern states secede as the Republic of Biafra, sparking a bloody civil war. 1970 - Biafran leaders surrender, former Biafran regions reintegrated into country. 1975 - Gowon overthrown, flees to Britain, replaced by Brigadier Murtala Ramat Mohammed, who begins process of moving federal capital to Abuja. 1976 - Mohammed assassinated in failed coup attempt. Replaced by his deputy, Lieutenant-General Olusegun Obasanjo, who helps introduce American-style presidential constitution. 1979 - Elections saw Alhaji Shehu Shagari come into power. 1983 January - The government expels more than one million foreigners, mostly Ghanaians, saying they had overstayed their visas and were taking jobs from Nigerians. The move is condemned abroad but proves popular in Nigeria. (Ghana must go) 1983 August, September - Shagari re-elected despite accusations of irregularities in the election. 1983 December - Major-General Muhammad Buhari seizes power in bloodless coup. 1985 - Ibrahim Babangida seizes power in bloodless coup, curtails political activity. 1993 June - Military annuls elections when preliminary results show victory by Chief Moshood Abiola. 1993 August - Power was transferred to an Interim National Government. 1993 November - General Sani Abacha comes into power forcefully , suppresses opposition. 1994 - Abiola arrested after proclaiming himself president. 1995 - Ken Saro-Wiwa, writer and campaigner against oil industry damage to his Ogoni homeland, is executed following a hasty trial. In protest, European Union imposes sanctions until 1998, Commonwealth suspends Nigeria's membership until 1998. 1998 - Abacha dies, succeeded by Major-General Abdulsalami Abubakar. Chief Abiola dies in custody a month later. 1999 - Parliamentary and presidential elections held and Olusegun Obasanjo sworn in as president. 2002 February - Some 100 people are killed in Lagos in clashes between Hausas from mainly-Islamic north and ethnic Yorubas from predominantly-Christian southwest. 2002 November - More than 200 people die in four days of rioting stoked by Muslim fury over the planned Miss World beauty pageant in Kaduna in December. The event is relocated to Britain. 2004 May - State of emergency is declared in the central Plateau State after more than 200 Muslims are killed in Yelwa in attacks by Christian militia; revenge attacks are launched by Muslim youths in Kano. 2003 12 April - First legislative elections since end of military rule in 1999. Polling marked by delays, allegations of ballot-rigging. President Obasanjo's People's Democratic Party wins parliamentary majority. 2006 January - Militant groups are formed in the Niger Delta attack pipelines and other oil facilities and kidnap foreign oil workers. The rebels demand more control over the region's oil wealth. 2007 April - Umaru Yar'Adua wins presidential election. 2007 September - The rebel Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend) threatens to end a self-imposed ceasefire and to launch fresh attacks on oil facilities and abductions of foreign workers. 2007 November - Suspected Nigerian militants kill 21 Cameroon soldiers in Bakassi peninsula. 2009 November - President Yar'Adua travels to Saudi Arabia to be treated for a heart condition. His extended absence triggers a constitutional crisis and leads to calls for him to step down. 2010 May - President Umaru Yar'Adua dies after a long illness. Vice-president Goodluck Jonathan, already acting in Yar'Adua's stead, succeeds him. 2010 October - Nigeria marks 50 years of independence. Celebrations in Abuja marred by deadly bomb blasts. 2011 March - Goodluck Ebele Jonathan wins presidential elections. 2014 April - Boko Haram kidnaps more than 200 girls from a boarding school. The US and Britain sends planes to help search for them and West African leaders agree to co-operate to fight the Islamists.This led to the Bring back our girls campaign. 2015 March - Muhammadu Buhari wins the presidential election, becoming the first opposition candidate to do so in Nigeria's history. 2016 August-Boko Haram releases new video of missing girls.Wants to exchange the girls to their fighters.

Justin Bieber Deactivates his Instagram Account.

Justin Bieber made good his threat of deleting his instagram account of his fans do not desist from speaking badly about his new girlfriend. sofie Richie(Lionel Richie's daughter) Earlier,there had been an exchange of chats between Bieber and his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez with Selena saying:"If you can't handle the hate then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol - it should be special between you two only," The chat has been deleted.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Old woman caught with a Dead baby on her back

An old woman was caught with a dead baby on her back on Sunday in Oshodi,Lagos ,Nigeria. A angry mob was said to have descended on her making her walk around with the corpse.She was alleged to have confessed to kidnapping the baby alive,although the circumstances surrounding the death of the baby is not known. The old woman is said to be in the custody of Oshodi police station .

Soldiers pluck man's Eye Out.

A Federal Road Safety Corp staff Segun Enikhuemehin has alleged that some soldiers beat him mercilessly and plucked out one of his eyes for daring to save a civilian who the soldiers were brutalizing.Segun was said to have pleaded with the soldiers to have mercy on the civilian when he saw that the civilian would be killed if nothing was done,he asked the soldiers to hand the civilian over to the police of they felt he had done something wrong.
For showing such effrontery,the soldiers descended on Segun.Inspite of his beating,Segun was able to save the civilian and took him to Ebute meta police station and was accompanied back to the scene of the incident by policemen.By this action the soldiers became more infuriated and again descended on Segun in the process plucking out his right eye. He picked up his eye and ran to the general hospital where he was rejected and asked to go to Lagos University Teaching Hospital. The soldiers allegedly tried to escape but were overpowered by eyewitnesses who caught them and handed them over to the police. When a relative of Segun visited the station he was informed that the soldier had been released to the military authorities and he alleged that one of the accused even walked into the station with a senior officer to collect his ID card and other personal effects initially collected by the police. The military is yet to issue a statement of the incident which happened on Sunday afternoon.

Fatal Accident in Awka.

fatal accident occurred yesterday in Awka, Anambra State, The accident was caused by a luxurious bus which failed brakes and thus ramming into people and other vehicles killing several people. The dead and wounded have been taken to Amaku hospital.The accident is said to have occurred close to jet filling station.

Stop Killing our Pythons,1 python equals 1 Human life---Anambra Indigenes

Killing of Pythons in Anambra State,Nigeria is forbidden.It is an age long tradition that the indigenes have kept for ages and visitors who come into the state are promptly advised not to harm any python.But on recent times,it seems as though some people have decided not to adhere tp this tradition,probably due to their religion or personal belief. This has prompted a facebook user that goes by the name Ogbujianyim Chukwuemeka recently shared a story of how killing of pythons is affecting their own lives.He says; Traditional Nwokedi said and warned if Anambra people, especially those calling themselves Christians will not stop Enugwu people from killing Anambra pythinsw, too much people will die in Anambra and Anambra people will be wondering who is killing us. Abakaliki people are killing us, one python is one person’s life, the more they kill them the more you bury your loved ones, stop them now before they kill you all.” Continue reading..... This has sparked several comments from indigenes.Tony Oraeki, wrote: “I’m an indigene of Nri and in respective towns, if a python enters the house of anybody; climbs on top of his bed, the owner of the house will simply collect the creature and drop it somewhere outside the compound without harming it. “If a stranger deliberately kills a python in Okija, the natives according to Ujummadu would advise such a person to give a befitting burial to the creature, and if the person refuses, he or she stands the risk of dying mysteriously within one year.” While religion has tried to erase this mindset,the indigenes believe tradition can not be changed as some even believe that if someone kills a python without appeasing the gods,he or she will lose three kids.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Bride Runs After She Discovered Groom is Not an Oil Company Worker

A viral picture making the rounds on social media shows a bride running out of a church in her wedding gown with people chasing after her. The bride was said to have discovered that her groom is not who he says he is.It is alleged that the groom says he works with a multinational oil company. All his social handles says he works with a multinational company and it seems the bride discovered in church during the course of the wedding and she took off. The incident is said to have occurred in Eket,Akwa Ibom State.

NFF Refunds Mikel Obi's $4,600

The ministry of sports has refunded the $4,600 owed captain Mikel Obi.Mikel had bailed the Dream team out by paying their bills in Sao Paolo on their way to Salvador for the match against Denmark which they won 2-0. Speaking on behalf of the sport minister Solomon Dalung,permanent secretary Chiyeaka Ohaa said: " I am happy to be a Nigerian, because in spite of all the challenges, you have taken the world by storm; you have by your performance given happiness to more than 160 million Nigerians. Football is the biggest unifying factor in Nigeria today. From Mr. President to the average Nigerian you have made everyone proud today. “I am humbled by your efforts, your commitment, your patriotism. I want to assure you that your sacrifices will not be in vain. Aside whatever the NFF have for you, we will as much as possible make you happy, if only you will be patient with us. Today, with your performance, I am convinced that you will get that gold. Responding,Mikel Obi said: We want to thank you for your fatherly support. In truth, there have been a lot of challenges, but every time we go onto the field, we forget about everything and make sure our fatherland comes first. “We have done that so far and we will continue to do that, but we need more motivation.” Original Report from The Punch. I thought there was a denial about owing Mikel?

Hippy Toolz!

On air personality Toolz shares amazing picture of her self looking all big,bold,beautiful and hippy.

Di'ja shares Photo of her son

Sierra Leonean/ Nigeria born pretty singer Di'ja shared a photo of her son as she added a year yesterday.She captioned the photo"I love my life anytime i'm with you and your amazing dad",, a line from her hit song Aww

Ghanaian Model Belinda Asiamah Dies

Ghanaian model Belinda Asiamah died on Friday 12 August just after she complained of pains in her stomach. Best
known for her appearance in the music video of rapper Obrafour's song 'Pimpinaa'. Producer of the music video Xbils Ebenezer said on social media of the late model: 'She was very patient on set of the video Pimpinaa. Rest in peace Belinda Asiamah".

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Parable of the Husband's cane

Reuben Abati writes on the Parable of the Husband's cane ''One other outcome of our democratic experience since 1999 is how demanding and insatiable the Nigerian voter has become, and because political office holders and the professional political class are yet to fully decipher and understand the implications of this, they continue to make similar mistakes and draw the same responses from the same public that voted them into power. I have no better illustration of this than the manner in which the critics of the incumbent administration at the centre are beginning to sound exactly the same way they sounded about two years ago under the Jonathan administration. Check the social media, some newspapers, and listen to the conversation on the streets. The personnel in power have changed, there is a new party in charge at the top, but public conversation has gone back to its old ways. Questions are being asked about the meaning of change and the dividends it has brought to the people. Some commentators are openly apologizing for voting President Goodluck Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) out of power. Some fierce supporters of change and the All Progressives Congress (APC) are openly voicing their regrets. And as was the case under President Jonathan, there are hilarious skits online, mixing song, drama and dance, making fun of the new dispensation and its architects. More than one pro-change and anti-PDP newspapers have had cause to do scathing editorials, including the very newspaper that was the anchor-point for change in 2015. Many of the affirmations are relatively the same: the President is a good man but he is surrounded by incompetent people who have their own agenda, so they say, or that the Ministers are not doing their job and right now, there is a loud protest against the ability of one Minister to manage something as simple as taking a sports delegation to the Olympics. The number of people calling for the man’s job is growing. Oftentimes, it is also said that communication is the problem. I used to hear that a lot. And it was always as follows: The President’s team is not communicating his policies properly and in one year, while a lot has been achieved, nobody is show-casing those achievements (!), as if communication is a bullet. But these are the same stories that we used to hear. All kinds of experts are all over the airwaves voicing opinions about how best to run Nigeria, and promises that have not been fulfilled and an economy that is causing raw pain. Not even the President’s wife has been spared: her wrist-watch, her handbag, and even her grammar (!) - this formed the substance of a pedantic attack by a self-confessed Buharideen. It really looks as if there is now a formula for criticizing the Nigerian government. Every excuse that is given by government is met with the riposte that the government is burning its goodwill with the people, or that someone should just help and change the narrative. Jonathan-bashing is fast becoming unfashionable, the critical mass including those who marched for change are asking for new tunes. And I am far from gloating. But certainly, this love-them-today-despise-them-tomorrow did not start with the Buhari government. I am actually trying to make what I hope will be considered an essential point about the burden that Nigerian politicians have to bear. In a number of public interviews and interactions recently, I have argued that it is not easy to rule Nigeria or any part of it. When President Olusegun Obasanjo assumed office in 1999, he was the messiah who helped to stabilize the country after many years of abuse by military dictators, and in terms of policies, persona, focus and drive, he rescued the country. But the moment he picked up fights with his Vice President, and later got embroiled in the politics of third term self-succession, his support base began to grow apart, and he became the target of vitriolic criticism from even his most ardent supporters and benefactors. We dismissed President Umaru Yar’Adua who succeeded him very quickly as “Baba Go Slow” even if his failings were excused on the grounds of ill-health and the shenanigans of an Aso Rock cabal. President Goodluck Jonathan’s ascendancy in 2010 was driven by the activism of the civil society and both genuine and bathroom constitutional experts who insisted that the Constitutional rule on succession in the event of the death of the incumbent must be respected. Thus, he became Acting President and he later won an election, on his own steam in 2011, to become President of Nigeria. For many Nigerians, his coming to power helped to make one point: that Aso Villa is not the birthright of any ethnic group, that the rule of law is superior to the rule of men, and that the final decision about who rules this country at any particular period rests with the people. It didn’t take long before the same people began to attack the Jonathan Presidency, goaded on by a vicious opposition at first, until the people themselves took ownership of the rebellion against their own revolution. In 2015, they supported President Muhammadu Buhari, whom they had voted against in three previous elections. Somehow, there has been a touch of melodrama to the Nigerian Presidency since 1999, and it was on that score that President Buhari became the stone that was once rejected emerging as the cornerstone of the building. In the North, his political base, and the South West, which embraced him, he became the messiah that Nigeria needed. Only the South East and the South South looked away. But today, ironically, both the North and the West have become the home of President Buhari’s most loquacious critics. Were many not held back by self-censorship and fear of reprisal, by now, the sound of condemnation would be deafening. I have described the scenario long enough, what are the specific takeaways? One, the same point I mentioned earlier, that indeed, it is not easy to rule Nigeria. It does not matter how well-meaning and principled you may be, there would be people who would put you under enormous pressure and in trying to please one group and not the other, you would end up creating a basis for criticism and attacks. These pressures come from ethnic groups, family members, old school mates, close friends, party members, political godfathers, old benefactors, the wife’s family, or wives, in-laws, the business community, international agents, investors, existing and prospective: they all want your ears, they want access and they will mount the pressure in every way possible. Pleasing every constituency is not possible. No matter how hard you try to balance the pressures, you’d still be left with people and constituencies perpetually banging on the door, and they just don’t do that, they run down others who are competing for your time and attention, and before long, as President of Nigeria, you could be held hostage by one or two groups, and when that happens, you displease others who in due course, become critics. Everybody is with you because of what they can get: they are investors not supporters, not even family members. The loneliest job in the world is to be President of a developing and dispossessed country like Nigeria. It presents a great opportunity to make a difference and make history, but it also comes with too many IOUs that may never be satisfactorily repaid. Two, be careful how you demonize the opposition. If you are in power seeking to retain it, be careful how you wield the axe against the power-seekers at the gate. If they seize that axe from you, they could behead you without mercy. Your pleas when you are at their mercy later, could fall on deaf ears. And if you are seeking power and you get it, with the people hailing you, beware, the same people could turn against you tomorrow. Their loyalty is not guaranteed for too long, at most it comes with a one-year warranty! And never ever forget this folk wisdom: the husband’s cane that was used to beat the senior wife is right there on the rafters, to be recalled for the junior wife. No domestic violence intended (far from it) but if it sounds like a metaphor, well, you figure it out. Three, don’t you ever over-promise. There is a tendency for power-seekers in Nigeria to promise heaven and earth. They design fanciful phrases, programmes, agenda, blueprints and road maps in which they assure the people, together with timelines, how they will turn Somalia into paradise within 100 days and if not, six months, but at most, one year. These are usually from persons who have no idea how Nigeria works. They know nothing either about the complexities of governance and power politics. They make the fanciful promises, anchored on an even more fanciful phrase, and as soon as the election is won, they return to their consulting firms with their bags of profit, in search of the next client and victim. It is amazing how in Nigeria, most of the leading experts on government and governance are persons who have never spent a day in a government department and have never managed anything complex in their lives. They arrive in a dollar-driven parachute in the middle of the campaign and they invent slogan after slogan, and strategies that leave potential disaster behind. Let’s say their candidate wins, but as soon as he gets into office, he has to deal with the many lies that have been told in his name, and he finds himself at the crossroads. If he says all promises cancelled, let’s be realistic, he is accused of deceit. If he says anything else, he is reminded that in the United States, where the heart of many Nigerians is, including the intelligentsia, he is told that promises have to be kept. The same people have forgotten that in the United States, politicians talk more about people-focussed policies, and not about such elementary details as the provision of boreholes, food, electricity, and roads. In a developing country, you better watch what you promise. Four: don’t rely on your political party. The same political party that brought you to power can disappoint you. Incidentally, we are not running a parliamentary system of government. Your own party members have Macbeth-like ambitions and that makes them disloyal. They don’t quite want you to succeed except if that will make them look like potential successors. Your constituency is the Nigerian people. Difficult as they are to please, and habitually angry as many of them are, it always pays in the long run to listen to them. And when you don’t feel like listening, provide leadership that inspires trust, and you won’t fail. BY REUBEN ABATI

Kevin Hart marries Eniko Parrish

Comedian Kevin Hart and model Eniko Parrish got married yesterday in a very romantic wedding.Kevin's two kids Heaven and Hendrix were in attendance with Hendrix being his dad's bestman. The ceremony took place in front of 200 friends and family members.Hart tweeted after the wedding :" What's understood doesn't need to be said." Congrats to them.

Catholic Priest Secretly Marries 2 Wives

It was a total shock for Parishioners of the Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Kakuri parish, Kaduna State, are still reeling from shock after the revelation that Very Reverend Father Peter Zuni, 54, was allegedly secretly married to two women. What the congregation didn’t know is that, one of the wives is dead, while the surviving one who leaked the age-long secret about three weeks ago, is nursing a child for the embattled priest. The circumstances under which she made the revelation is not quite clear. The catholic church forbids priest from getting married.The are meant to be celibate,dead to the flesh Checks at the Queen of the Apostles parish confirmed the report as parishioners were shocked and surprised to learn of a petition to the Bishop of Kaduna Archdiocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso, that two women had children for their parish priest, an act considered to be an abomination and grave sin against the Catholic doctrine. They pointed out that in order to cover up the priest’s ‘sin’ from spreading to the larger public, the Archdiocese allegedly organised a send off for the embattled priest to a remote village in Jaba Local Government Area of Kaduna State. “During the send off, the priest was not allowed to make a farewell speech, and many people refused to take photographs with him. There was little or no felicitation with him because most of the time he was seen standing aloof under a mango tree without anybody going close to him. “Nobody can say when the priest committed the alleged sinful act. If it happened before his ordination, he wouldn’t have been ordained, so probably it was after his ordination, and you know, God does not sleep, no matter the length of cover up, one day the bubble will burst. And the bubble has burst now” When contacted the disrobed priest on his telephone line, and sought comments on his alleged controversial transfer from the city to a remote village, he said: “Nobody is ordained to remain and work in the city. I have spent five years as parish priest of Queen of Apostles, so I can work anywhere, city or village.” On the allegation of his involvement in secret marriage to two women who bore children for him even as a Catholic priest, he neither denied nor confirmed the allegation. Rather he said: “I find it difficult myself to believe what people are saying about me. I will not comment on it now. I will follow due process to invite you for an interview, but I am afraid, the newspaper of the archdiocese, The Cross News, may carry this story before you”. Rev Fr. Zuni further said he is currently based in Suleja, Niger State. The parishioners were made to believe that the embattled priest was transferred to Gumel village in southern Kaduna, while he was actually sacked from the priesthood. Unfortunately, parishioners lamented that the controversial priest’s first name, Peter, reminded them of the biblical Peter who denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed. When contacted, the Archbishop of Kaduna Catholic Diocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso also confirmed the report. Bishop Manoso who was almost in tears when he spoke on the matter, said Father Zuni actually committed the sin. He said that what the priest did, brought a sad moment and embarrassment to the entire archdiocese. The embattled priest was his classmate in the seminary more than 30 years ago. Bishop Manoso said that he could imagine the spiritual and psychological torture the priest could be going through over this sinful act. The Archbishop also expressed worry over the health condition of the disrobed priest who is known to be diabetic and dependent on daily injection of insulin. On how the bubble burst over the secret matrimonial relationship, Bishop Manoso said the woman at the centre of the storm confronted him with a baby said to belong to Father Zuni, and after due investigation by his office, it was confirmed that the priest was her secret husband. Bishop Manoso said, “It is very unfortunate that this thing had to happen in my diocese. It is not an easy thing for me; if I tell you what I have been going through in the past few weeks over this issue; it has not been easy for me. Father Zuni was my classmate; we spent seven years in the seminary. At a time he proceeded to Kaduna Polytechnic and read Accounting. “But this thing happened and nobody knew. But he has to face the sanction. We sacked and disrobed him because what he did is no longer compatible with his vocation as a priest. It was not true that he was transferred to any village. He was about to be transferred on normal routine, but when I heard of this story, I had to cancel the transfer and sacked him. “It is true that he had affairs with two women and they both had children for him, but one of the women is late already. We are not God, we did not know on time until now that he was having affairs with two women.” He spoke further: “The church said the priest has to go because the church doesn’t allow priests to marry. So he had to go and look after his children and his matrimonial home. “You can now imagine what the priest is going through, either spiritually or psychologically. He must be going through hell on earth. This is my concern for him now. The woman and the kids will be going through trauma also. “I have been trying to see how I can help him, but I don’t think I have the skills to help him. But he needs help to come to terms with reality. “By December he will be 30 years in the priesthood, and he is now 54 years old, so at this age what can he do with his life. Nobody can employ him now. He spent seven years in the seminary and 30 years in the priesthood, and that is 37 years, so what can he do with his life at 54? The church too is going through a lot of trauma, so we need everybody’s prayers for us to put this incident behind us. Originally Reported by BreakingTimes This thing is not by force.If he has given in to flesh why not quietly renounce priesthood and go face his family?You cannot cheat God.Choi! Imagine him standing in church to preach against telling lies when he is a 'lie'. Hmmmmm..

The word today

II Kings 13:21 And it came to pass, as they were burying a man, that, behold, they spied a band of men; and they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet. As our Lord Jesus approached the day of his death, He said …I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do (John 17:4). And at the point of death, confirmed His earlier statement by saying ``it is finished’’ (John 19:30), meaning He just completed His assignment here on earth. Apostle Paul also, when the time of his death drew close, he made this popular announcement ….I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith (II Timothy 4:7). All these clearly show that God wants us to live our life to the full and fulfill our purpose on earth. This was not to be with Elisha. The man that received the double portion of the anointing from Elijah performed 13 significant miracles while alive. While God passed through Elijah to perform 7 miracles. If we go by calculation, Elisha was to come up with at least 14 miracles but did not before death came and took him. God was merciful to Elisha as He will be merciful to you today in that even in his death, God still opened a door for him to fulfill his life’s purpose. Beloved, you will achieve your dreams and visions in life no matter how late it may seem. God brought that dead man to Elisha’s grave just to complete his assignment; God will bring in men that will help you complete your assignments in life. Pray with me: My father, I thank you for your word to me today, please Lord help me complete my assignment on earth and give me power to finish any project that I’ve started in life in Jesus name.