Saturday, 31 December 2016

Wife Bathes Husband with hot Oil for Cheating

According to eDaily, Evelyn Atieno had accused her husband Bruce Omondi of infidelity, and on the fateful day (December 25th),she bought two liters of cooking oil from a shop, boiled it and poured it on his head, chest, and private parts before escaping.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Nurse Pulls Off Baby's hand During Forced Delivery

An auxiliary nurse, identified only as Oyekanmi, has been arrested by the police for her role in the death of a baby she took delivery of in the Odogunyan, Ikorodu area of Lagos State. PUNCH Metro reports.

 I t is alleged that the victim’s mother, Adeola, had been taken to Oyekanmi’s residence last Saturday when she went into labour. Oyekanmi, while attempting to force the delivery, pulled off the baby’s

Angry Wife Posts Nude Picture of Her Cheating Husband as She Storms his Hotel Room

An angry Cameroonian woman has posted her husband's nude photo online after she caught him in a hotel with his mistress. According to Cameroon Intelligence Report, the man who is a CPDM mayor of Douala city has refused to resign after the nude photo of him circulated on social media.

Man Kills HIS Girlfriend's Ex-Husband on Xmas Day

Eric Burch was murdered on Christmas day by his baby mama's new boyfriend when he went to pick up his kids to celebrate the  Christmas holiday.

 According to the police, Eric Burch attempted to visit his kids on Christmas and drop off some

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Driver cruises through 240 consecutive green lights before Hitting a Red Light

A New York City Uber driver is boasting that he drove through 240 green traffic lights before hitting a red light. Noah Forman achieved the feat during a 27-minute drive through Manhattan that started at around 3:30 a.m. on Dec. 6.

Student Admits Killing Former Teacher And Their Child

A 23-year-old man confessed Tuesday to killing his former teacher and the child they had together years after the two started a love affair while she was his science teacher at a high school in New York City.

Felicia Barahona was discovered with an electrical cord around her neck in the living room and the

Boyfriend From Hell Pours Superglue Into Girlfiend's Mouth After Beating her and Breaking her Teeth

Mark Lancaster launched a degrading and sustained assault on his girlfriend in May this year after going 'berserk' while high and drunk on drugs and alcohol.

 In an attack that lasted several hours, the 46-year-old stripped his victim naked, threw a glass of

Woman Gives birth to baby,Puts her in a Plastic bag then Drops her in a Trash Bin

34-year-old woman Kyandrea Thomas gave birth to a healthy baby in a Walmart bathroom on Christmas Eve and abandoned it in a trash can. According to Inside Edition, New Falls, Louisiana resident Kyandrea Thomas was arrested on Monday, December 26th, for the dastardly act and charged with attempted second degree murder.

Policeman's Stray Bullet Hits a Man's Eye!

An unidentified policeman attached to Police Area Command, Idi-Ape Ibadan, on Monday fired a shot and  hit one of the eyes of a man identified as Mr Yomi Olaitan, around Oje market, Agodi Gate road, Ibadan.

It was learnt that the victim and other occupants of the car, including his younger brother, were coming from Agodi Gate when the incident happened. It was further gathered that  Olaitan who was driving a brown Honda Accord car behind a truck, was hit in the right eye as his brown Ankara top was soaked with blood.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Witch Trapped on Electric Pole on Her way Back from a Mission

As shared by a social media user:

The photos are said to be an 80-yr old witch who was trapped on an electric pole on her way back from her mission.She was assisted down the pole by people around.

The location was however not stated.

For Stealing Chickens ,This Happened to Him...........

A young boy was caught stealing chickens yon Xmas day in Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria and he got jungle justice.

In as much as i don't subscribe to Jungle justice, i mean why would i suffer to breed chickens in this times that are hard for everyone and someone comes from nowhere to steal them? If we all go around

Wife Strips Naked as Payback to Cheating Husband

An angry(and drunk) woman  stripped naked at a popular pub in Rongo area of Nairobi, Kenya after she caught her husband cheating on her.

  Mpasho news reports, the woman who drinks too much was already high on alcohol at the time she heard her husband was with another woman. She then went to the pub where he was hanging out and

Child Put in a Carton and Dropped inside a Gutter on Xmas day!

According to reports, a little boy who is probably about a year old was put in a box and dumped in a gutter on Alara street in Yaba, Lagos ,on Christmas day 25th December, 2016

Monday, 26 December 2016

How Did You Spend your Xmas Day?

Hello dearies,how did you spend your Xmas celebrations? As for me,my entire day was full of activities in the house, serving guests and making sure everyone got what the wanted to eat and drink.

And my boys were all over the place eating , eating ,eating ,as they have never eaten rice and chicken

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Baby Starves to Death After Parents Die from Drug Overdose in their Home

An innocent baby was left to die of starvation after her parents had both died in their home after taking an overdose of heroin.

 Jason Chambers, 27, his girlfriend Chelsea Cardaro, and their five-month-old baby Summer were all found dead in their Kernville, Pennsylvania home on Thursday.

Elderly Couple married for 64 years hold Hands and die minutes apart

An elderly couple  who had been married for about  64 years spent their final few moments together holding each other's hands tightly before dying minutes apart in neighbouring hospital beds.

 Dolores Winstead, 83, and husband Trent Winstead, 88, from Tennessee died in Nashville's Saint Thomas West Hospital - five weeks short of their 64th wedding anniversary. Only days earlier

Cat grows Dreadlocks After years of Neglect by its Sick Elderly Owner

Disturbing photos show the neglected  cat named Hidey with matted fur forming 'dreadlocks' on her body.

 Images of the overweight feline, who belonged to an elderly man with Alzheimer's, were posted on Facebook Friday by the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

 The post said:

 'This poor cat was brought to our clinic yesterday after her elderly (owner) had to move to a nursing home. She suffered from severe matting (dreadlocks, really), the likes of which had been neglected for years.' Our Medical team shaved off the pounds of intertwined fur from her body &, needless to say, this cat is feeling so much better now! 'She will be cared for by a distant relative of her previous owner & finally have a chance at a happy & healthy life.'

Yeah! Its Christmas Again......

Merry Christmas dear readers,may the birth of Jesus Christ signify the birth of new beginnings in your lives.