Saturday, 27 August 2016

One Suspect Arrested in Enugu attack

The Police in Enugu state bhas arrested one suspect in the attack on Attakwu community In Enugu state on Wednesday which left one person dead and others wounded including a pregnant woman whose stomach was sliced open.

 Speaking,the Police spokesperson said; The Nigeria police force in its resolve towards unmasking those behind the dastardly act perpetrated at Ndiagu Attakwu community of Akegbeugwu in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu state in the early hours of 25/8/16, which left one person dead and four others critically injured, have nabbed a suspect identified as one Umaru Isah from Gusau Zamfara State over his alleged involvement in the incident. “His arrest came through intelligence information gathered.

The said suspect, who claimed that he is 20 years old, revealed that he came in from Gusau Zamfara State to Enugu recently for the purposes of rearing cattle, but has none to rear till now. “Investigations have commenced in full scale into his nefarious activities with a view to unmasking his gang members so that they can be brought to book. “The state commissioner of police Emmanuel Ojukwu has vowed to unmask all those involved in the dastardly act and bring them to book.”

Isoko House in Oleh,Delta state Bombed

The Isoko community development house popularly known as Isoko House in Oleh,Delta state has been rocked by an explosion .Eye witnesses say the attack was a co-ordinated one. No group has however taken responsibility for the attack which occurred a few hours after the Isoko union began its annual conference on Friday 26 August 2016. ...

Man Kidnaps "STINGY" sister

A young man named Chigozie Egegonye has been arrested for kidnapping his sister who he claims was stingy despite her wealth.

He plotted the evil act with the assistance of his long time classmate Michael Oluchukwu ,a cobler with whom he had lost contact with but reunited with recently.

His sister identified as Franca and her four children went missing in April This year from the home in Mayowa street,Ago palace area of Lagos state and was declared missing after he husband had written a petition to the Nigerian police force in Lagos. It was learnt that Oluchukwu sent Franca a text message demanding the sum of =N=300,000.00 or she will be kidnapped and killed.Franca pleaded that she could afford only =N=50,000.00 but was yet to pay the said amount into the account given by Oluchukwu before she disappeared.Meanwhile,the First bank account information sent to Franca was discovered to be that of Chigozie Egegonye.

Police sources say “On April 13, 2016, Chigozie went to Michael’s shop and told him he had a sister who was so stingy that each time he demanded money from her, she wouldn’t give him. He asked him to send a threat message to her on the phone. “They told the woman how she normally took her children to school every day. They said she should pay N300,000 within 12 hours or risk being eliminated together with her four children.”

Franca's husband got home that day and found that his house was scattered and his wife and dour children missing.He later got a message from his wife informing him of the threat. He informed his inlaws who told him to go find her as they thought he had a hand in the kidnap.

Chigozie however denied kidnapping his sister saying that his sister and her husband are very rich but are always quarrelling,and she wanted to leave the house but he pleaded with her to stay.He said that his sister uses the opportunity of the text message to leave the house.His words: He said, “My sister and her husband are rich, but they always quarrel in the house. She had wanted to quit the marriage, but I begged her. My sister fears a lot. I and my friend sent a threat message to her line and she used that opportunity to run away from the house. I blame myself for everything that happened. I am now repentant. I wasn’t praying at home before I came here. Now, I lead the devotion in the cell.”

Man Kills Girlfriend for the FUN of it

A 22-year-old National Diploma, ND, student of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, Oweniwe Chukwudi, who murdered his girlfriend, has denied killing her for ritual purpose, but for the fun of it. Speaking to reporters, he said: “I did not remove any part of her body; I only killed her for the fun of it. I made love with her in the bush before killing her. I am not a cultist. It was when I killed her that I realised I made a big mistake and that he was pushed by the devil. Chukwudi and the girlfriend, Adeyeye Nifemi, were both in 300 level in the Science Laboratory Technology, SLT, department. It was gathered that the suspect tricked the girlfriend to Ayede Ogbese, about 10 to 15 kilometres away from campus, where he carried out the act. He left her in the bush, thinking she was dead, only to return the next day to find her alive. Reports had it that the suspect went back to the bush where he left the girlfriend in company of another person to carry out the ritual, when he surprisingly met her still alive. While pretending to help her, the suspect reportedly took her to a camp close to a filling station in Ilu Abo, where he strangled her again. When she didn’t die, he reportedly smashed her head with stones until she died. Ondo state Police Commissioner, Hilda Harrison, said acting on a tip-off, the victim was arrested and during interrogation confessed to committing the crime,stating that the suspect would be charged to court after the conclusion of investigation.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Man who Drugs ,Rapes and Rob Ladies in Lagos

His victims claim he drugs them before taking advantage of them but he denies the allegation of drugging them.

In his confession,he said: "I do not r*pe them. I don’t also drug them. We usually have s*x but I steal their things and run. I was desperate in need of money to send to my wife so that one of my daughters who is sick can be treated. “It is not true that I drugged anybody. I invited Mercy’s sister to Oprah Hotel in FESTAC because Mercy, who was my friend on Facebook said she was out of town. We have been friends for over a year. And so, when I told her I wanted a lady to have good time with, she told me she went for a burial in Edo State but she sent her cousin’s number.

"So, I called her and she agreed to come on the condition that I will pay her N30,000 after everything. I stay in Egbeda but I took her to FESTAC. When she came, we had fun and then I stole her two phones and wristwatch. I sold one of the phones N20,000 and sent the money to my wife in Osun State for my daughter’s treatment. “I also collected her Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card and asked her to give me her pin that I was a banker and wanted to transfer money to her, which she did. But I did not collect any money from her account because she only had N1,500 in the account,”

Notorious Cult Member Arrested on Lagos

:Ibrahim Balogun aka Small Jpron has been arrested by the Nigerian apolicee force in Lagos over five murders in various cult wars in Somolu and Bariga areas of Lagos state.Small J is said to be a confessed leader of the Eiye confraternity. Speaking to reporters,Small J said he joined the cult to retaliate the death of his friend who was killed in 2009 by Aye confraterni. In his words, he said ."
It was the Aye cult members who killed him. So, the Eiye faction approached me and said I should join them and they would help me fish out the people who killed my friend. I had a lot of boys working for me. I have killed three persons among whom were Femi Wiperand LekanAkon. “I cut them with knives. I shot some other victims. They were killed in the Somolu and Bariga areas. It was in the evening thatFemi Wiperwas killed. We were going out for a carnival during the Easter period on Alade Street in the Somolu area when a fight broke out. He was the one who first pointed a gun at me and my boys hacked him to death.”

Commissioner of Police in charge of Lagos state said, “Earlier this year, there were cult clashes, where criminal elements in the Somolu and Bariga areas engaged one another in a war of supremacy culminating in the deaths of some persons. “The gang, led by Small Jpron, also set ablaze a house in the Pedro area in which an elderly woman was burnt to death. The suspect was the one who led the cult gang war. He is a known criminal in the Somolu area. “He has multiple cases of murder and armed robbery which he has confessed to. Through him, we will look for other members of the gang who turned Pedro and Somolu areas into theatres of war.” Commissioner of Police in Lagos state Fatai Owoseni speaking on the issue said Small Jpron had been declared wanted for some time now for multiple murder charges.He said: He said, “Earlier this year, there were major cult clashes, where criminal elements in the Somolu and Bariga areas engaged one another in a war of supremacy culminating in the deaths of some persons. “The gang, led by Small Jpron, also set ablaze a house in the Pedro area in which an elderly woman was burnt to death. The suspect was the one who led the cult gang war. He is a known criminal in the Somolu area. “He has multiple cases of murder and armed robbery which he has confessed to. Through him, we will look for other members of the gang who turned Pedro and Somolu areas into theatres of war.”

Freeze shares Picture of him and Basketmouth's wife from wayback

OAP Freeze shared this picture of himself Basketmouth's wife when they were still dating and of course alot of people disliked it.He has since brought down the picture.

Could this be the reason why Basketmouth and Freeze are always fighting?

I think it was childish of Freeze.I mean,who does that?

Truck Driver Parks in the middle of the Road to Pray.

As prayer time caught up with this driver,he simply parked his truck in the middle of the road and prays! Yay or Nay?

Assassination Attempt on German Chancellor Foiled

The Czech Republic police on Thursday foiled an assassination attempt on Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel as a man attempted to join the motorcade as it moved between Prague airport and Czech government headquarters when she arrived at

Czech police arrested the man who tried to “run down police” and police spokesman Jozef Bocan said the suspect was in custody.He added that Merkel had not been in danger and confirmed officers had to use firearms to subdue the suspect. He stated that While attempting to join the motorcade, the suspect tried to run down police securing the road. “The suspect acted alone. He was not armed, but items found in the car could easily have been used as weapons, particularly some cement cubes.” according to quotes from German newspaper Bild.

On Thursday, hundreds of protesters, including members of anti-Islam groups, rallied in central Prague to protest against Merkel with some labeling her as the 'next Hitler' after she decided to open the EU’s doors to refugees and migrants last summer.

Charly Boy shares Pictures of his Son and Grandson

Charly boy aka Area Fada shared these photos of his son and grandson with the caption: "My Prince and his Mum, Kai I don waka no be small".

Herdsmen Strike again.Kill Seminarian in Enugu.(Graphic Photo)

Fulani Herdsmen numbering over fifty are alleged to have attacked Ndiagu ,Attaku Akegbe-Ugwu community in Nkanu-WEST Local Government Area of Enugu state in the early hours of Thursday killing a seminarian Lazarus Nwafor and also injured four members of the family in the compound where Laarus was tenant.

The rampaging herdsmen were said to have slit the stomach of a six month pregnant woman named Mrs Nwarum. Those injured in the operation are said to be in critical conditions and are been treated at Parklane Teaching hospital and Mother of Christ teaching hospital.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Unguided Rhetorics:The cause of Nigeria's Economic Situation

I found this on Facebook and thought to share.It kinda makes some sense.

I still find it funny that most people don't know why Nigeria economy went into recession, they love the incompetent lies of Lai Mohammed about the past government ruining everything. It's also myopic to think that if Jonathan were to still be in power, we would be worse off. The truth about Nigeria recession is this; it was caused by the president unguided rhetoric and uncultured body language. Firstly, there is nothing we are buying today that we weren't buying 5 years ago, therefore it's not our purchase that put pressure on Naira but withdrawal of fund by foreign investors.

  After the election, the president created instability with his unguided statement about how everyone is corrupt and how everyone is going to jail. The instability made foreign investors to liquidate their investment and change their money to dollars. In the process of trying to flee, they were willing to buy dollars at any price, which lead to high exchange dollar rate. Even though some of them were not ready to run away, but want their money in dollars to save their investments from devaluation, the president gave a bad signal by banning deposit of foreign currency in dormiciliary account. That was enough for free market believers to see the draconian handwriting on the wall, that was the beginning of dollar rush. To make matter worse, the president came up with another outrageous policy of rationing dollar to certain sector and blocking many sectors out. That was the nail on the coffin which facilitated the emergence of free FALL. In the end, foreign investors took over $80B out of the economy within a short period and everything went down to free fall. To those who believe it will be worse if Jonathan is still there, you are all wrong .

 Policy continuity and political stability will not let billions of dollars leave our shore within such tiny time frame. Even though the government might have income shortage, the private sector will weather the storm by their confidence in the market. The fear of unknown created by PMB is responsible for the economic downturn not low oil price. Interest rate in America is currently at 0.5% while it is 12% in Nigeria. JP Morgan Chase will not mind borrowing $50 billion from Feds at 0.5 and put in Nigeria for return of %2000 profit. Citi bank will do the same, likewise US Bank Corp. Chase gave Buhari warning about the repercussions of his fixing policy before they pulled out, but his illiterate cyber warrior and misseducated E-soldiers said JPMORGAN can go to hell, they no longer believe in economics metrics since their messiah is in charge. Funny enough they are all suffering today because of the stupid policy, but they find relief by blaming it on past administration and Gucci appetite of average Nigerians.

For your information, if your president "kontunu" with his unguided rhetoric, Naira will go down to 1000/ $. But we thank God, he is not longer talking. ~ Copied from Chinomnso Awazie's wall

The Word Today

Give Yourselves to God! ‘Do not let sin control the way you live.’ Romans 6:12 NLT When someone says, ‘I can’t help myself; it’s just the way I am,’ they are right, but only partially right! Researchers identified more than a hundred identical twins that had been separated at birth. They were raised in various cultures, religions, and locations. By comparing their similarities and their differences it became clear that as much as 70 per cent of their personality - was inherited. Their DNA determined such qualities as creativity, wisdom, loving-kindness, vigour, longevity, intelligence, and even the joy of living. Consider the ‘Jim twins’ who were separated until they were thirty-nine years old. Both married women named Linda, owned dogs named Toy, suffered from migraine headaches, chain-smoked, liked beer, drove Chevys, and served as sheriff’s deputies. Their personalities and attitudes were virtual carbon copies. What do these findings mean? Are we puppets on a string, playing out a predetermined course without free will or personal choices? Not at all. Unlike animals, we’re capable of rational thought and independent action. We don’t have to act on every sexual urge, for example, despite our genetic underpinnings. Heredity may nudge us in a particular direction, but our impulses can be brought under control. This is where the new birth comes in. God gives you a new nature and the power to overcome your old one. Paul addresses it: ‘Do not let sin control the way you live, do not give in to sinful desires. Do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin. Instead, give yourselves completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life’ (vv. 12-13 NLT).

Nigerian Woman Attacked During Labor in London

She was attacked in London on June 24th while on her way to the hospital to give birth to her child.She says she was about to call her sister to inform her that she had contractions and was headed for the hospital when a young boy approached her.

Thinking he wanted directions but he just stood there staring at her and suddenly he grabbed her Samsung galaxy phone and was about to run but she grabbed him by the hood as he mounted his bicycle to escape.He hit her in the face when she bent over from preventing him from hitting her stomach.She said she was blinded for some minutes and by the time she could see,he was gone!

Her son was born via c-section because doctors where unable to determine his heartbeat at the time. She was taken to the hospital after the attack.The child now suffers from seizure,a condition doctors attribute to the attack. The police have now released an e- mug of the suspect who they believe to be between 18-20 years old.

Funke Akindele is Married!

Ok, So it's official! Our dear "Jenifa" Funke Akindele is married to her boo Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC.They got married on Tuesday at a private wedding ceremony in London with only close friends and family in attendance. I hear she's gonna be called 'FAB" now, that is Funke Akindele Bello....that's according to popular blogger Congrats girl,you deserve to be happy. Nice birthday gift,by the way!

Violence in FIDEI poly Leaves 2 Dead. (Viewer Discretion)

FIDEI polytechnic Markurdi, owned by Rev Father Chris Utov of the Catholic Diocese Markurdi has been shut down on Wednesday 24 August 2016 following violence in the school which led to the death of two students and destruction of property as well leaving many injured including policemen.

The cause of the violence is said to be an an attack by a group called SHAWA who attacked a group of students protesting their exclusion of the second semester examination due to known payment of fees. Immediately the peaceful protest started the police arrived and started shooting sporadically and also using tear gas.In the process two students were hit,one died immediately while the other died in the hospital.
Subsequently the school cancelled the examination.Angered by this,the students regrouped and started destroying school property The police say they were overpowered by the students during the peaceful protest and two policemen were injured while 6 vehicles were destroyed.21 people have so far been arrested.

Mother Asked to Breastfeed her baby in Disabled Toilet

A Staffordshire mother Lauren Noakes has claimed she was ordered to breastfeed her baby in the disabled toilet at a pub she had gone to eat with her sister and kids.

They had just settled down to her £25 meal when her 9 month old son started crying to be breastfed .She had no Choice but to give him a suck and that's when the manager walked up to her to "do that in the disabled toilet" Laura said she felt like a cattle being herded around.She eventually left her unfinished food and took her kids out crying.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How A young girl was Almost sexually Abused by her "Pastor"

Her name is Honey Phoenix Evarist and she says a man of God almost sexually abused her in Auchi under the guise of deliverance.She shared her experience on facebook below:

"In 2013 my mum told me i needed deliverance because i refused to act like a "christian" she took me to a pastor of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) he said i will do a retreat with him for one month so i went back home to pack my stuff. This man would always enter my room without knocking. His hands would linger around my breasts when he hugs me...i was uncomfortable but i tried to bring my "mind out of the gutter".

  We used to have night prayers and he would prolong the prayers till his heavily pregnant wife got tired and he'll encourage her to go to bed and rest...once she leaves he starts to tell me how much he loves me and how I don't need deliverance because there is nothing wrong with me, and how I am a nice girl who her parents misunderstood. I was not all that surprised and i tried to take advantage of the situation. I would miss prayers or evening service because i knew he wont do anything about it. But then his wife started to notice that i had too much freedom. and what surprised me was that he did not seem to care...he would try to kiss me when his wife was just one room away...he would wink at me when her back was turned...he would hold my hand at the back seat of the car when we are returning from night vigil. He was like a love struck teenager.

I began to avoid him and it made him more time he asked if i was avoiding him and I made him know i did not like what he was doing and he told me if i want his P.A could arrange for us to have a quiet time somewhere... I had to tell the Assistant pastor all that was going on. I still recall the tears and the look of unbelief on his face that night. The assistant did nothing about it...but advised me to pack my stuff and leave before things get out of hand. But i couldn't leave because the "retreat" was not over. One night at the night vigil at OFM headquaters in Auchi i went to confide in a friend...and my father's driver overhead everything and he told my dad once we returned to Abuja. The sad part about it all was that my parents called the pastor and his wife to ask them...instead of me. And they heaped it all on me. They said i have been misbehaving because i am tired of the "retreat" and i sleep during prayers,i dont go to the evening services and i have come up with accusations because i want to go. The good thing was that i moved back home. Till today i wonder what sort of brains the pastor's wife had in her head.

The word Today

Psalms 68:1-2
Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. If you find yourself in a dark room and with a match box in your hand, all you need to disperse the thick darkness is just a strike of a stick of match. Whenever light appears in the dark, the darkness has no option but to give way for the light. The bible says …And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not (John 1:5). Today, most of what we hear in church is what the devil is planning and doing in the life of believers without talking about what God is planning or doing. Going by our text, you should care less about what the devil is saying or doing concerning you, if God will arise on your behalf. Romans 8:31; What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? Brethren, you need to know that all you need is to have God arise on your behalf, and automatically every enemy known and unknown will scatter. Your concern therefore is how to make this happen. Most of us invest almost all of our prayer time in binding, casting, uprooting enemies instead of investing those times to worship and have quality fellowship with God. God lives in the midst of the praises of His people, and when God shows up, all enemies will scatter. Concentrate more on making God be for you today. God bless you.

Shallow Graves Discovered in Prophet's House who chained 28 people

Shallow graves have been found in the compound of the swlf acclaimed pastor Emmanuel Adeyemi who had chained 28 people in his house including 13 children and 15 adults. When the Lagos state police first interrogated him over a teenager said to be chained in his house,he said it was his step son who was used to stealing that he chained to cure him of the spirit but on searching the house the other victims were found whom Emmanuel later said where mad people who were brought for him to treat. Still acting of intelligence tip-off the police went back to a search of the premises where they discovered the graves in the compound and in the swamps behind his house.
On interrogation,Prophet Emmanuel claimed he is a native doctor and the graves belong to his patients who had died whilst he was treating them.

Confirming the case,Lagos state police commissioner of police CP Fatai Owoseni said: “When we got information that a teenager was locked up in a house, the Area Commander had invited the suspect, who claimed that his son was known for stealing and so he locked him up in chains to cure him of stealing. “While we were still on that case, we got another credible tip-off that there were other people chained in that same house. “Of course, we carried out a raid and confirmed the allegation to be true. But before then, we had contacted the Lagos State Government because we don’t have the facility to keep the rescued persons. “His claims now that he was arrested is that he is a herbalist, but why didn’t he tell us that when we first invited him to the station over locking up his stepson? He only told us that he wanted to cure his son of stealing. “

"On allegations of shallow graves being found in the residence Owoseni said, “We had another tip off that they were people he buried in that compound and he confirmed it during interrogation. “Because the area is swampy, the suspect had allegedly buried some people in the swamp and about three others in the house. continue reading.... “When we asked him of their identities he said it was some of his patients that were brought to his home from the hospital, after they were given up for dead, that finally died in his care and were buried in the swamp.

“When we also queried him on the claims that he used the body parts of the deceased to sell to ritualists, he swore that he was only a traditional healer and not a human parts seller.”

Male Corp Member who battered Female Colleague Identified

The male corp member who battered who female colleague has been identified as Oluwabusiyi Adeola Bolarinde.

It has been reported that the female corp member miss Temitope Adedewe and Oluwabusiyi had known themselves from the university days at the department of history in OAU.She says Oluwabusiyi has been persuading her to date him but she refused because he was the aggressive type.

Coincidentally,both of them were posted to the same state,same Local Government,same place of primary assignment and the they stayed in the same lodge. Temitope says she told Oluwabusiyi who had resulted to threatening her to stop persuading or threaten her to date him via WhatsApp.This is said to have infuriated him and he left his room to her room,beat her up with his belt and used a hammer to hit her mouth and removed two teeth.

Oluwabusiyi Adeola has refused to comment on the matter saying NYSC code of conduct prevents him from speaking to the press.


Eye witness shares story about the Death of Bayelsa State CJ's son

One of the students who was present at the scene where the son of the Rivers state Chief Justice's son Wariebi Abiri drowned on the 19th of August has shared his experiences during and after the death of the late Law student.Below is the story of Charles Anusionwu;

"Students of the Nigerian Law School in Bar Part I, have just finished lectures for the year and different people felt the need to gather and celebrate this. The events that followed are better imagined than being the reality of anyone. I arrived the venue, a hotel across the Law School, at about 8pm and met a few students having drinks and food around the premises. I went into a friend’s room to rest and charge my phone. A while later, I came down to speak to a few people and exchange pleasantries. People were dancing and discussing in small groups. The whole thing started winding down at about 11:30pm, as most people had to return to the law school premises before the 12am curfew. Most people who remained in the premises were chatting close to the gate and watching some people play games of table tennis close to the gate.

At about 2am or so, there was a loud scream that someone was in the pool. Everyone turned and was wondering why anyone was in the pool at that time. The scream came again and indicated the person was drowning. There was commotion and everyone ran towards the pool. Two students went into the pool and brought out the person. A few people tried to administer CPR including mouth to mouth. I was shouting to get him to a hospital. A friend brought out her car to take him to the hospital, but the hotel management said to take him in their vehicle. In the midst of all the confusion that followed, some of us realised we didn’t know who was in the bus with the victim and we should drive behind them to the hospital.

We got to the hospital, General Hospital, Bwari, where we met the doctors administering CPR, removing water from his system and trying to resuscitate him. We gathered outside to pray. At some point, the doctor asked for the closest person to him and his roommate stepped forward, the doctor then pronounced him dead and said he was (BID) brought in dead. Some of the students present, requested to transfer him to a private hospital. At this point, the doctor called some of us aside and explained the standard medical steps and procedures that had been taken to resuscitate the victim and why he concluded he was dead. He advised that the police be informed and his body transferred to a morgue. It was at this point I pulled his roommate aside and asked for the name of the victim. He said his name is Wariebi. I mentioned I had never met the victim or interacted with him, but it was sad that this had happened. I tried to console him, but I broke down myself. We agreed to inform the Nigerian Law School in the morning and they would inform his parents. We made payment for the card and other things in the hospital. I was consoling the female students present and had to get them back to their accommodation. I asked some of the students to inform the police and the doctor to arrange for him to be deposited in a morgue. I followed the ladies back to the hotel, where they stay. We had to inform other students present.

Hours went by and we were told that the Police needed us to come and write down what happened as witnesses. We all willingly got dressed, got in a bus provided by the hotel and went to Bwari Police Station for what was to be a routine statement by witnesses of such a tragic event. Myself and two other colleagues made statements of what we witnessed and also met his roommate and other people who had assisted to get him to the hospital making statements as well. We all made statements and thought to leave, only for the Investigating Police Officer to inform us that we were all being detained as suspects in a case of ‘Suspected Culpable Homicide’. Everyone was shocked and thought he must be joking. We are all law students, with knowledge of the law and we had only helped a colleague in distress. To then hear the words Suspect, Culpable and Homicide sounded very outrageous to us all. We were all worried and tried to contact authorities of the Nigerian Law School. We were ‘processed’ and transferred to a cell. Word had gotten out and the authorities of the Law School came and paid us a visit. After listening to our side of events, they apologised that we were being held for helping a colleague and promised they will help to get us all out. They repeated the visit later in the day and said investigators were working to get to the bottom of this and to get us out. The Director General of the Law School, Dr. Onadeko (SAN) visited us later in the evening and said he would be in touch and would ensure we weren’t treated as other ‘suspects'.

At this point I objected to him referring to us as suspects and also asked him if that was the official position of the Nigerian Law School? Were we being seen as suspects rather than a group of law students who helped a colleague in distress? It was in the middle of our interaction with the DG that I heard the victim’s full name for the first time. The DG said his name is Wariebi Abiri and that his mother is the Chief Judge of Bayelsa State and a friend of his. We were returned to the cell and we later discovered that the police had granted bail to the General Manager of the hotel and a member of his staff. We demanded to know why we were being kept and the hotel management was being let off the hook. Same hotel that had no safety measures to prevent such an incident? Same hotel that had no lifeguard around an open pool? No answers were provided. This dragged for 48 hours before we were eventually granted bail on the orders of the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command. We were asked to report to the station daily until investigation was completed. We reported to the station on Monday and were transferred to the State CID. A case of helping a colleague was really snowballing into a real homicide case and we found ourselves as the suspects.

I must state that the professionalism of the officers of the Homicide dept at the FCT CID saved the day. They berated the investigating officer from the local station for even bringing us there. We made fresh statements and have now become witnesses in a case of negligence. Truth be said, a few high level calls were made to ruin/save the day. The IGP and CP FCT remained very professional and helpful. One has been granted some respite, albeit temporarily and can’t even thank God enough. Can’t thank all the friends and family members who came through and who made sure one didn’t suffer for being a Good Samaritan. Your prayers and all saw us through this harrowing ordeal. It is important to understand how facts are not sacrosanct around here. I saw some of the most horrible twists and turns in my life in just 48 hours. I saw lives being toyed with, for political gains. We thank God that a few things were done right by a few professional officers and innocent people were saved such a nasty experience. I saw a different side of the Nigerian Police Force. Competent and incompetent ones, but I genuinely believe the competent ones are at the top. I live in a country that can be stranger than fiction sometimes. I now understand why people are genuinely afraid to help others in need. No one wants to become a suspect for rendering help. Really grateful to be here telling this as a story and an experience. It could have gone a totally different way. Let me now get to processing the fact that I lost a colleague and was one of those that saw him dead. No one remembered that in all of this madness. P.S: Ignore all the grammatical errors. My head is still all over the place, but I thought to share this."

Thanks for reading my epistle.

-Chairman/Presido Cell 2. 😎 Wow!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Elo Bae! You "Hot" Me

Ok,this handsome guy was "hot" by bae and he took to social media to show her how much she's hurt him with these "lovely photos.HAPPY viewing

Girl in Leaked Pictures with Usain Bolt Is the Widow of Brazilian Drug lord

Jady Duarte,the 20 year old who leaked photos of herself with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is said to be the widow of Jamaican drug lord. Jady Duarte, 20, had two children with Douglas Donato Pereira, known by his chilling nickname DinĂĄ Terror, who commanded the narcotics trade in the Faz Quem Quer shantytown in the north of Rio. Police tracked him down to a house in the favela, where he opened fire with a powerful Glock 9mm pistol, but was killed in the shoot out. Following his death, Jady posted photos with the gangster on her Facebook page. One read: 'In eternity, I will be with my love the way I always wanted, because in heaven all the time is time to be happy. 'God will take you in, it's my hope that in eternity I will see you.'

Drunken Policeman Threaten to Shoot Driver in Benue over Bribe

A drunken mobile policeman was seen displaying a terrible behaviour after taking more than his system could handle. A facebook user Orahii Samuel posted pictures of the officer whose name and force number he was unable to get because his jacket covered it.

The officer was said to be very angry because a driver was hadn't enough money to settle him but was pleading with him to collect =N=30.00, a plea the officer deemed an insult to him.

In the picture shown above,the officer is seen to have spread money on the floor to sow the driver that he had enough money and that he was not poor adding that if it were Maiduguri, a driver dare not say he doesn't have money to settle else he would be shot dead,assuring the driver also that he would have shot him if it were in the night.

Mr Orahii wrote: "This policeman, Mobile Unit on duty on Saturday, August 20th at about 2pm at Igyula along Gboko-Aliade Road took alcohol to stupor and was seriously misbehaving by threatening road users with the gun. I tried getting his service number and name but his jacket covered the tags" He alleges that his colleagues were unable to stop him because he was their superior and warned users of that route to be careful.

The Word Today

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. This is who our God is and what He does …Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure (Isaiah 46:10). Looking at our focal text you’ll see that God created HIM and from HIM he created THEM (male and female). God started with HIM because in His mind the male and female should come together to be one (HIM), this is His original plan.

That is why God said …. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one FLESH (Gen. 2:24). So whenever you see a drift between you and your spouse, know that that is not the original plan of God; the original plan of God for your marriage is for you to stay together as one. My earnest prayer for every married person reading this devotional today is that God will strengthen the togetherness that exist in your marriage, and that everything that divides you will be taken away in Jesus name. Amen.

Are you out there alone? Are you a young man or woman that is yet to enter this plan of God? Our God very soon will lead you to the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh in Jesus name. Ezekiel 37:7 So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. I prophesy today, your bones will locate you in Jesus name.

Woman who steals and sells children Arrested

Chidinma Favour Okorie has been apprehended by the police in Anambra state.She specializes in stealing children and selling them for =N=50,000 to her customers.

Daily post reports that the commissioner of Police SAM Okaula made this known in Anambra state while parading some suspected criminals. According to the commissioner, the woman was arrested on Wednesday, August 2, 2016, while trying to escape with a child she stole at Udoma village, in Idemili North Local Government Area.

In her confession,she says : Usually I come from Ebonyi State to Anambra State to steal children and sell each one for N50,000 to a syndicate at a hospital (name withheld) in Onitsha." “Luck ran out on me when I went to Udoma village in Umuoji community and I met a woman who was with her little child, and pretended that I was looking for somebody." “The mother of the boy told her son to take me to the place and from there I took him away." “I did the same thing in another street, where I wanted to take another three-year old before the mother of the victim alerted the community and the police and the two stolen three-year old boys were rescued.

" I am a married and have five children. We live at Amasiri, Afikpo Ebonyi State. I am a trader but it was greed that made me go into child trafficking.I started on July 15, 2016, when I sold the son of a pastor (name withheld) to the staff of a hospital that is part of the syndicate." “The doctor that owns the hospital paid me N50, 000." "Immediately I got my money I went back to Ebonyi State, she said, adding that a certain unnamed doctor who runs a hospital in Asaba, Delta State, administered a deadly oath on her never to disclose the truth when arrested."

50 year old woman Killed in her House in Lagos

A woman whose name was given was Mabel Okafor(50) has been killed on heer home at House J68B, Close 9 in Ajah,VGC area of Lagos State. The police say they got the information at about midnight but by the time men from Ajah division got to the residence,the assailants had absconded leaving the deceased stabbed in the stomach. The matter is still under investigation.

Police Rescue 28 people chained in Lagos

Men of the Lagos state command have rescued 28 persons comprising children and adults who were chained by one Emmanuel Adeyemi at Oyinbo Unity Estate, Olamidun Close,Oke-ira,Lagos.

The force acting on a tip off that a teenager was chained in the house went to rescue the teenager but a search conducted in the house led to the discovery of the other people.

Confirming the report,the police PRO said: “The command received a report through Area ‘G’ Command Headquarters, Ogba, that a child was chained in a house at Oyinbo Unity Estate, Olamidun Close, Yakoyo, Oke-Ira, Ojodu. “Consequently, a team of policemen was mobilized to the location where a teenager named Toba Adedoyin ‘m’, aged 17, was found in a room with a chain on his legs. “The victim was allegedly chained by one Emmanuel Adeyemi ‘m’ who claimed to be his father, in order to restrain him from going out. Further search of the premises led to the discovery of other people chained by the suspect. “A total number of 28 persons, comprising six adult males, nine adult females, seven female children and six male children were rescued and taken to protective custody.“A suspect has been arrested and is currently undergoing interrogation as the command is working assiduously to get to the root of the occurrence.”

But what why did he chain them,are they in their right senses or has he hypnotized them?

Stolen 3day old baby Reunited with Parents

A three day old baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Oluebube Ekwedike of Ehime Mbano LGA has been rescued and reunited with its parents by the Imo state police Command. Taiwo Lakanu the state commissioner of police while reuniting te baby. With its parents said the baby was stolen within48 hours of its birth by unknown thieves at Chukwunonso maternity home.He said as soon as the matter was reported his men swung into action and arrested two suspects who were about selling the baby. One of the suspects Mrs Ngozi Anyanwu said the act was actually targeted at the owner of the maternity home whom she claimed owes her some money.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Driver Steals Car Same Day he Starts Working

The man pictured above is alleged to be the driver of facebook user Dorothy Ngozi Okoli who stole her car same day he resumed work..See her post below.

The Word TODAY

Job 1:20-21 Then Job arose, and rent his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped, And said, Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD. In II Samuel 20, King David’s child was very sick to the point of death, this made the king cry to God in prayers for the child’s recovery. David refused to eat, fasted and prayed for many days but eventually the child did not make it. When David realized that the child did not make it, instead of fighting with God like many of us would have done because we did not get what we wanted from God, he praised God in the face of this disappointment as it were to the amazement of everybody around him …Then David arose from the earth, and washed, and anointed himself, and changed his apparel, and came into the house of the LORD, and worshipped: then he came to his own house; and when he required, they set bread before him, and he did eat (II Samuel 12:20). In the face of trials and difficulties what do you do? Do you thank and praise God like David did? No matter the situation your find yourself in, God expects us to sing His praise. I Thessalonians 5:16-18; Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. No matter what may have happened to you, know that if God is there, all things will work for your good. Take time out to thank God today for those things you may not understand. Pray with me: Father, I thank you for everything you are doing in my life- the good,bad & ugly. I say you alone deserve all the honour and praise. Praise the Lord!

Fake Miracle Syndicate Bursted

Enugu State,Nigeria.

The Nigeria police in Enugu state has arrested a group of people who specialize in assisting fake pastors in staging fake miracles. The syndicate was arrested at the popular Holy Ghost park and P&T area of the state.

The spokesman of the Police in the State, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, SP, who confirmed this in a statement made available to Daily Post, gave names of the suspects as Obi Ejike from Ubaho Okija in Ihiala local Government Area of Anambra State, Kuku Mary from Ijebuode, Ogun State, Oluwakemi Joy from Ojo Lagos State, Nwosu Chizoba from Umunze in Anambra state and Peter Uchechi from Ebonyi state.

The statement issued by Amaraizu showed one of the suspects, Peter Uchechi confessing that “they were recruited in large numbers and kept in a house at Onitsha Anambra state; from there, they shuttle to various states of the country to confirm a prophecy for the purpose of winning more souls for the said church or ministry.

 They are usually paid through their coordinator who rented a house and kept them there. “According to her, they can be detailed to go to any state, but the number of the link man in the said church/ministry is usually provided to them for easy connection on arrival and that they usually dialogued with the link man to the pastor of the church/ministry on the shape the job will take. She went ahead to reveal that they usually state their names, nature of problem they have and other necessary information which is given to the pastor of the church/ministry for his guidance and that during the prophetic hours, she will be among the people with the said problem'so that will come out. The pastor, then using the said information, will prophecy and she will confirm that before the congregation; she will be touched and she will fall and the pastor will then proclaim that the problem is all over; that way, members of the congregation will believe that the pastor is a powerful man of God and this will attract more members to the church.”

The statement further quoted Uchechi as confessing that “some Pastors use us to grow their church/ministry and we are paid later through our coordinator depending on our role.”

On his part, Obi Ejike confessed that he “works hand in hand with the coordinator and that he is the link person for the Abakiliki and Enugu team.” “He confessed that he joined the lucrative prophecy job after he lost his business to the activities of fraudsters in Lagos and then decided to relocate to Onitsha where he joined the prophesy deal and recruitment of candidates.

The statement also said: “Nwosu Chizoba from Umunze equally corroborated all the stories as told by Uchechi Peter and Obi Ejike. The single mother joined the business which she initially started at Abuja before moving to Onitsha. “Oluwakemi Joy and Kuku Mary are mothers of four children each, but their husbands are no more with them; hence they had to join the lucrative business through their friend who linked them to the coordinator”.

Wonderful! People don't fear the wrath of God anymore? Standing at the supposed "altar" of God to do rubbish?

Battered Female Corp member seeks Justice.

She was beaten and had two of her teeth removed with a hammer by a fellow male corp member.

  The NYSC is yet to respond to the issue has also allegedly refused to issue her discharge certificate because she reported the matter to the police in Arochukwu,Abia state Nigeria.A move considered to be a bridge of the NYSC code of conduct.

The Nation reports that there is strong allegation that her assailant, Oluwabusiyi Adeola Bolarinde is already studying for his Master’s at the University of Ibadan, which could not have been possible if he didn’t produce his NYSC discharge certificate.

The victim miss Temitope Adedewe said the NYSC has not contacted her officially but she only got a call from a lady who gave her name as Benedict E.and also refused to reveal her official designation instead asked Temitope to come to Abuja to tell her own part of the story. Miss Adedewe said the lady told her they had visited the Abia State Zonal office in Umuahia and the venue of the incident in Arochukwu on a fact-finding mission. She said while there, they had asked Mrs. Akuma, one of the zonal office’s staff and a principal player in the issue to send for her and that she said all attempts to reach her from Umuahia had failed.Miss Adedewe said she was not contacted by anyone .

However, Mrs. Busayo Obisakin, facilitator of Women’s Inspiration Development (WID), the NGO that had originally taken up her case and petitioned the NYSC, advised her not to make any trip to Abuja but to insist on telling her side of the story on phone.

The victim said she was asked by the Abuja caller to stop media publicity of the matter. .

Indian Man who married his mother -inlaw says he's Regretting

This Indian man named Suraj Mahto left his wife Lalita for his 42 year old mother-inlaw.The affair started when his mother-in-law came to visit her daughter and when Suraj fell ill his mother-inlaw became his caregiver.They became very close even after she left the house they were still in contact talking for long hours on the phone.

When Lalita found out she persuaded both her mother and husband to stop the affair, but to no avail.The pair eloped and got married ob June 1st this year but they are both regretting now.Suraj says:

"I have come to realise my folly now. I admit I have committed the mistake but will never repeat in future. Now, I no longer treat her as my wife. Rather, I have started paying her regard as a mother.'

While his wife/mother-inlaw says of Suraj: 'No longer do I treat him as my husband but as a son-in-law. We have already a filed divorce petition in the court and I want to return to my husband as soon as possible"

Mr Suraj says he is willing to go on bended knees to ask for Lalita to take him back.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Man Bathes Girlfriend with Acid

The Oyo state police command have arrested 43 year old Yisua Adeleke(left) for bathing his lover, Mrs Morufa Ajoke Odesanya (right) with acid after he found out she was married and not a widow as she claimed previously.

According to Tribune, on November 25th, Yisua invited Morufa who is 36 years old with five children, to their love nest and then poured the corrosive substance on her. He went into hiding for months until he was arrested on August 7th this year.

Narrating how it happened, Yisua said; " I was arrested because I poured acid on a lady I regarded as my fiancĂ©e until I discovered otherwise. I had a wife, Ronke, who had two children for me but I later discovered that she had two children for two men before she married me. She also decided that she had had the number of children that she wanted, asking me to look for another woman if I needed more. She went for family planning. I started dating Morufa and she asked me to rent a room, which I did at Idi Arere, Ibadan. She told me she was a widow with two children. She used to bring the two children to Idi Arere. She also took me to where she was living at Elebu area of Ibadan, saying that the house belonged to her aunt. She showed me a man who she claimed to be her brother, but whom I later discovered to be her husband. She took me to her mother and I took her to my aunt who was like my mother to introduce her as my wife-to-be. Morufa used to come and stay with me at the rented apartment and I had to tell my wife that she could leave because I had already got a wife. We used to have sex regularly to the level that even during her menstrual period, she would beg me to have sex with her, saying she could not keep off me. This continued until the day I came in contact with Magun (a charm usually placed diabolically on wayward women as a punishment for their lovers) in the course of our affair. It was as if my navel was twisted and I also had a tongue twist. I started feeling dizzy. This made me to raise the alarm and Morufa also started crying. An Islamic cleric came to my rescue by making some incantations. Though I became a bit relieved, the stomach ache continued and the next thing Morufa said was that she believed that the Magun was the handiwork of her mother-in-law. I asked whether she went to her mother-in-law and for the reason she would want to harm her daughter-in-law’s fiancĂ© since her son was dead. To my surprise, Morufa called me same day and asked about my condition. She then added that she had sex with one Baba Bidemi, and it proved that what I experienced was not Magun. Baba Bidemi was the man she called her brother. I was confused and this made me to decide that I was no longer interested in the relationship if she could deceive me for about two years that we were together. She started begging me".

Continuing,Yisua said;
"I probed her further and she confessed that the man was her husband and that she had five children, though she initially told me that three children she did not declare as her own were born by the wife of her ‘brother’ before they divorced. I stopped going to her husband’s house but we were still meeting because I wanted to collect the money I contributed as a member of a group we formed for the purpose of contributing money that we could collect in bulk. I got number six and number 20. She collected the first one and when I was to collect the second one after the discovery of her lies, she told me that she gave it to her brother (husband) to pay FRSC fine. But to my surprise, when I saw the brother (husband), he was riding a brand new motorcycle. This infuriated me so much because I felt used. She continued to plead with me to forgive her, saying that I was the salt of her life. But I was so hurt by her deception and the devil pushed me to an evil act. So I conceived the plan to pour acid on her. On November 25, 2015, she asked me to come and collect my money, and I took the acid jar along with me. We stood at a point not too far from her residence and in the course of our discussion I brought out the jar, opened it and poured the content on her. She screamed and ran off, while a bit of the liquid splashed on me. I also ran away to my village at Omi Adio to hide until a week ago when I learnt that she reported me at a radio station. I was at the radio station to state my own side when police came to arrest me.” Meanwhile,Yisua remains in prison,Morafa needs =N=3m for surgery and her real husband has abandoned her . Source:Tribune.

Usain Bolt The Greatest!

Usain St. Leo Bolt,born 21 August 1986,from Jamaica is unarguably the fastest man alive today.From the way he runs effortlessly to his signature celebration,he makes you feel like being an athlete is so easy.He has become a motivation for all black kids and indeed kids all around the world,with kids wanting to run so they could be the next Usain Bolt.

We all love to see him run but I don't think alot of people know how much he practices and drives his body just to be the man that we see.I don't know his practice routine but I do know that to succeed at whatever you do ,you must put in extra efforts in order to surpass your peers,you must drive yourself to the very limit to stand out.

Bolt says he wants to be among "The greatest".He wants to be where people like Mohammed Ali have been.No doubt he's there already with wins across all the categories of track and field that hw participated in,he has indeed become one of the GREATEST in the world. Bolt has shown us that we can be whatever we want to be if we believe we can do it,all ww need to do is go for it with hard work and determination and we will one day be among the Greatest !

Mercy Johnson Okojie..Oh dear!

She's our hottie of the day!

Japanese Doctor Fulfils Promise To Coach Siasia and Captain Mikel

The Japanese plastic surgeon Dr Taksuya Takasu who promised the Nigerian team cash gift has fulfilled his promise He was at the stadium to cheer the team. See photo below.
He looks super excited.