Saturday, 10 December 2016

Neatly Dressed man Selling Doughnuts in Uyo,Akwa Ibom

They say whatever your hands find to do, do it diligently with all your heart because if you appreciate the little you find to do, you will appreciate the value of the bigger things that will come your way.

This man Pictured sells his doughnuts in Uyo neatly dressed and doing his thing with all his heart.

Read post as shared by Facebook user Inibehe Effiong....

' I don't know this man from Adam and I do not care the part of the country that he comes from. I am using this platform to celebrate his devotion to his trade and admirable sense of cleanliness. He sells doughnut around the Uyo metropolis in Akwa Ibom State. Please patronize him anywhere you see him. At a time that many Nigerians are seeking white collar jobs, the entrepreneurial spirit of this man deserves commendation. He has by his action given credence to the aphorism that there is dignity in labour. Instead of resorting to crime, he has proudly engaged in this business to cater for himself and his family. Anyone that sees this man should kindly connect him with me. I want to support his business with my widow's mite. If you wish to join me in contributing financially to his business please indicate the amount (no matter how small) in your comment.'

 Thank you.


 Signed Inibehe Effiong .

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