Saturday, 10 December 2016

Missing Soldier Found Alive 2 Weeks After Plane Crash

A Soldier who was onboard an ill fated helicopter  has been found alive two weeks after the helicopter he was aboard crashed in a remote area of Borneo, Indonesia's army disclosed yesterday.

The army said in statement that 1st Lt. Yohanes Syahputra was found by locals on a road between two villages Thursday in a weakened state due to lack of food with wounds to his hands, waist and
legs. The discovery was reported by radio to a military post.

The Bell 412 EP helicopter that crashed Nov. 24 was carrying five soldiers including two pilots to Long Bawan, a remote town near the border with Malaysia, when it lost contact with its base.

 One pilot was rescued three days later when the wreckage was located in rugged terrain. Three others were found dead. Army spokesman Sabrar Fadhilah said Syahputra will be evacuated to the town of Tarakan for medical examination.

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