Thursday, 29 September 2016

Rob And Chyna Show is Fake! Says Chyna's mum

Blac Chyna's mother Toyko Toni has confirmed that Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are not dating anymore and that they are just making the their E! show up! ., posted an article about Rob and Chyna breaking up and him being upset with his family for not inviting Chyna to the baby shower. According to TMZ, Rob got pissed at his sisters Monday — especially Kylie — for what he considered a slap in the face … the Chyna-free shower they were throwing. We’re told the sisters only planned separate his and hers showers because Rob and Chyna haven’t been speaking for months.

They briefly reunited for a dinner the night before their reality show premiered, but other than that … they’ve been split. Still, Rob was pissed when he learned BC wouldn’t be at the shower — so he skipped it, and dialed up some revenge by tweeting Kylie’s phone number. Thing is … we’re told
Chyna had agreed separate showers were best. Rob wasn’t told that until after the fact, and we’re told he’s still pissed. We’re guessing Kylie will have to get that number changed.

 Well, Toyk Toni responded to a follower who got upset at TMZ for releasing that information but according to Toyko, the tea TMZ posted is factual information. She say shes gonna show Rob that 'you don't air your laundry, you put it in he drier'.

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