Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Man Eats Wife's Placenta With Beans ( Some Disturbing Images)

Ross Watson, 32, from Darlington, Co Durham, has left the internet reeling after he posted a video and some pictures of him eating his wife's placenta two days after she gave birth to their second child on his facebook fanpage.

He seasoned it with pepper and sauce before eating it with a bowl of beans. Ross has received alot of backlash but he says the backlash is all a big fuss over nothing, adding:

 'I like the shock of some people when the reality is it's not that bad. And I can say I have done something millions haven't.' The pictures show Ross emptying the plastic bag containing the placenta into a colander in the sink to drain it.

 He then deposits it onto a plate and tucks in. In the accompanying video, he is seen eating a cooked version and a raw version to compare the taste. When asked what had inspired him to do it, Ross insisted that he 'had to give it a bash', explaining: 'no more kids after this one so won't ever get chance again haha.' he said.

 Yuck! I don't think i can eat meat again...

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