Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Police Officers Posted A missing Teen's Photo on Facebook And she Responds: 'Im in My room!'

Queensland Police in Australia on sunday posted the picture of a missing teenager on facebook and asked for help on her whereabouts.They however got an embarrassing response as the teen responds to the officer saying she was not missing but sitting in her room!

 Not long after her photo and information were posted, she commented: “Guys I'm fine I'm not missing this is an overreaction to a fight I had with my sister, I'm legit just sitting in my bedroom.”

The embarrassed police said ;“I am glad that you're safe, but we can't take this down until you've been sighted by police and we've confirmed that you're okay.” She was asked to call the station or report at the station for them to confirm that she was okay.

 The teenager was later located and the post taken down from their facebook page same day.

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