Friday, 23 September 2016

Passenger Sues Emirates Airline For Putting Him next To An Obese Passenger

An unsatisfied flyer is suing Emirates airline and claiming his nine-hour flight was 'ruined' by an obese passenger seated next to him.
Giorgio Destro, a lawyer from Padua in northern Italy, claims the 'spillover' caused by the person
neighbouring his 29K window seat, made for a deeply uncomfortable journey from Cape Town to Dubai.

 According to an Italian newspaper, Mr Destro is 'gold member' flyer, but says Emirates wouldn't let him change seats and refused to offer an apology or any form of compensation.

 'For nine hours, I had to stand in the aisle, sit on seats reserved for the cabin crew when they were free, and in the final phase of flight resign myself to suffer the "spillover" of the passenger at my side.'

He reportedly asked to be moved a few hours into the flight but was told it was fully booked. Mr Destro, who previously worked for the Italian Consulate in South Africa, captured his predicament by taking a selfie as evidence.

 He is asking for €2,759.51 (£2,375.23) in compensation; €759.51 (£653.87) as a refund for the flight, and a further €2,000 (£1,721.81) in damages. An Emirates spokesperson told MailOnline Travel: 'Emirates is unable to comment on this particular case as it is an ongoing legal matter.' The case hearing is scheduled for October 20th in Padua.

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