Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Unbelievable Labour Room Funny Tales

Funny thing about giving birth is that you just don't care what you do at that point, all you care about is getting that bundle of joy that's giving you that painful bashing down there, so you basically do what ever it takes to get through that pain fast and
i dare say without caution.

 Mothers took to Facebook to share their, well, embarrassing moments in the labor room, from kicking husbands between their legs to letting a huge great fart, the list goes on and on...

 Here are some of the reactions blogger The Unmumsy Mum got......


Sharon Williams  says: 'I've spent the last half an hour reading all of the comments and have not laughed as much for ages. Nothing like women humour.

 Women are just so awesome,Its unbelievable we go through this several times in a lifetime and still come out strong!

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