Sunday, 16 October 2016

Indian Police Arrest Snake Venom Smugglers with Venom worth 30m Pounds

Five bulletproof snake venom containers worth more than £30 million have been seized by police in India after they were tipped off.

 Four men, allegedly part of an international smuggling group, were arrested after police posed as potential customers and pretended to be ready to seal a deal.

 Authorities say,they had information that some containers of snake venom made in France would be coming through Bangladesh.

 'We kept on tracking it. 'Four persons were arrested and five bullet-proof containers of snake venom worth Rs 200 crore (£30 million) were seized. 'We also recovered some ammunition and one revolver.' Sanjay Dutta, Range Officer said.
Snake venom is used for medicinal purposes in many parts of Asia, and it is vital to creating anti-venom for snake bites. 

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