Friday, 21 October 2016

Kylie Jenner's Boyfriend Tyga gets exposed Trying to Cheat on her

Swiss model and make-up artist Tally Solis,20 claims Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Tyga tried to get down with her after reuniting with Kylie Jenner.

Tally confirms exclusively to BLICK. «The first time, he contacted me via Instagram when I was visiting Dan Bilzerian(internet-playboy ).

He wanted to meet immediately.Read more after cut..... At the time, the Moroccan-born beauty agreed to set up a meeting during her next visit to L.A. – assuming Tygas interest was purely professional. I thought he wanted to cast me in a music video.» We got in contact and 3 days after he reached out to me, I saw he was back with Kylie Jenner,” she said. “That’s when I broke up contact because I had only business interests with him.”
Tally says things were good up until (Sept. 12) , when Tyga entered the picture again «“Just a few weeks ago he texted me again and tried to get back in contact, just a day after being on vacation with Kylie.”I knew he was on holiday with Kylie Jenner up until just a day before that – it’s sickening», Tally says to BLICK. It was only when the racy model sent a clear message back that Tyga stopped pursuing her on social media:

«You have one of the most prettiest (sic) and most successful women in the world and yet you’re still texting others. You «Men» that have it so hard to find real love and not a gold digger and you’re still not satisfied with this gift of a selfmade and loyal woman god gave you or what?You really want me to send her this shit you’re doing?

 The swiss model,happens to be in a steady relationship for the last five years.

 Tyga is yet to react to the accusation.

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