Monday, 17 October 2016

Born Without Hands: Child Learns to Eat With Legs

The photo shows flexible Vasilina who lives in Russia using her toes to grip her fork and guide it into her mouth.
The video was captured by her mother Elmira Knutzen who giggles as she watches her daughter's achievements.

 Sine her mother posted the video and photos on facebook, she has received alot of comments ;

Editha Barro Carbajal was keen to congratulate her efforts remarking: 'This child is awesome'.

Graeme Chipper O Connell later commented: 'Inspirational stuff wot a beautiful child bless her (sic).'

Ruth Morgan joined the conversation adding: 'This is one reason why I stop complaining about life and taking each day as it arrives'.

 Joanne Mccumesky-Brown said: 'Brilliant she will go a long way with such positive determination must be a very proud mum X'.

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