Thursday, 6 October 2016

Jilted Woman Burns Pregnant Wife of her Ex

Scorned Woman----A jilted woman has set ablaze the wife of a man who she claims jilted her after three years of dating.

The suspect Lami attacked Amina Lawal,
23, an indigene of Akinyele Local Government Area of Oyo State, in her house.She reportedly bought a gallon of petrol, which she poured on Lawal and then set her ablaze with a lighter after which she locked her inside her house to  burn.Amina was however rescued by a neighbor who heard her screaming fire.

  While Speaking to newsmen at the Bauchi State Police Command Headquarters,the suspect said;

 “I did not actually go there to burn his wife; my intention was to go to his house and burn all his property. I did not know his wife was in the house. He jilted me after long years of relationship and married another woman.”

 Pregnant Amina Lawal who is recuperating in the hospital narrated her ordeal.She said she was at home when she a heard a knock at the door, she opened the door and ushered in the visitor;

 “She poured petrol on me and set me ablaze. I removed my clothes and tried to open the door, but she had locked it from outside. It was when my neighbours heard me shouting ‘Fire! Fire!’ that they came to my rescue. My husband told me that Lami tried to discourage him from marrying me because she had some affection for him, but he did not know that she could go to the extent of harming me,” Amina explained.

 Husband of the victim , Mustapha Ayodele, said on 26th September he was in his office when a neighbor called him that his house was on fire.

 “I rushed home and met my wife burnt all over. We reported the matter to the Yelwa Divisional Police Station, after which they transferred us to the emergency ward of ATBU Teaching hospital for treatment. I have never dated Lami in my life. I only counseled her on how to go about her life affairs. Why would she attack my wife who is three-months pregnant just because she admires me?” Ayodele asked.

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