Friday, 7 October 2016

Brawl in UK parliament Leaves Member Passed Out on the Floor!

Steven Woolfe ,the favourite to become Ukip leader collapsed yesterday at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg after being punched by another MEP at a 'clear the air' meeting.

After a heated argument,Mr Woolfe claimed fellow MEP Mike Hookem, 'came at him and landed a blow' but Mr Hookem denies this and said Mr Woolfe 'tripped over'.

But Woolfe insists : 'Mike came at me and landed a blow. The door frame took the biggest hit after I was shoved into it and I knew I'd taken a whack and was pretty shaken.'

 He is however recuperating in the hospital and he says: At the moment I am feeling brighter, happier, and smiling as ever .

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