Thursday, 1 September 2016

Policemen Detained over Killing of 17 year old Innocent Kokorifa

An unconfirmed number og policemen are said to have been arrested by the Bayelsa state police command following the killing of a 17 year old boy Innocent Kokorifa ,son to a staff of the Federal Road Safety corporation.

The deceased was said to have been killed on 18th August 2016 at about 11pm while running an errand for his mother.His mother claims she sent him around 10pm to give some money to her sister but became worried when he stayed longer than usual.

While the police initially claimed no such killings occurred,father of the victim claimed he was informed that the squad that killed his son was actually led by his friend.

Speaking also,the deceased father said the day his son was killed was the same day his son's principal called to inform him he had passed his WAEC exams with credit in all papers .He is pained by the fact that his son's dream of becoming a lawyer has been cut short.

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