Saturday, 3 December 2016

Missing Boy Found after 2 Years in Grandmothers Attic

A grandmother was shocked  when she found the  body of her own grandson in her attic two years after he suddenly went missing.

Zanobia Richmond, 65, from Erie, Pennsylvania, heard a bang upstairs at home and went to investigate. She made the grim discovery of the badly decomposed body of Dyquain Rogers, who had vanished on November 1, 2014.

 The corpse had fallen against the attic door, and Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook is now confident the body is the missing grandson's, according to Erie 's WICU 12 News.

 His mother, Carol Rogers, told the station:

'I just kept pretending like he just left Erie, so I just kept focusing on that, that he left here, that's what I kept saying.' Dyquain was 21 years old when he was last seen alive by his grandmother.

 His final few Facebook posts suggest he was unhappy about something, with one posted on October 31st 2014 reading:

 'I have been having the worst luck lately'. The next day was the last day he was seen alive.


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