Tuesday, 29 November 2016

This Baby Cries Anytime his Father Laughs

This adorable baby sheds tears every time his father who is always straight-faced f laughs. Mitch Simmons, 24, who is known for being tough to get a giggle out of, was watching his five-month-old son Matthew pull funny faces earlier this month when he burst out laughing.

But the baby's response came as a massive shock to Mitch and his fiancee Sheridon Fletcher, as their little boy started to cry.

 'Mitch is so serious. It is impossible to get a laugh out of him. It says it all that Matthew is five months old and the other day was the first time he'd heard his father laugh. 'Matthew has just started learning lots of different faces and he was pulling them at his dad but when Mitch laughed, Matthew just burst into tears. '.

At first we thought something was wrong and panicked but as soon as Mitch stopped laughing, Matthew just looked at me and smiled. 'Now every single time Mitch laughs, Matthew's little lip drops and he starts to cry. It is so weird, Sheridon said

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