Monday, 12 December 2016

Married Hotel Guest Caught Manager spying at her in the Bathroom;Offered Free night’s stay as compensation

A married hotel guest caught the manager spying on her naked - and was offered a free night's stay at the same hotel when she told other employees what had happened. Saleswoman Clare Day, 27, was undressing in her room of a Best Western near Darlington when she locked eyes with a man whose face was 'pressed against the glass' of the bathroom window.

 The mother-of-two realised the man was one of the hotel's shift managers: the same employee who had tried to talk to her earlier that night while she was eating alone in the restaurant. 'My stomach lurched. It was like something out of a horror movie,' she said.

 'I was in the bathroom and saw him behind me through the reflection in the mirror. I screamed and covered myself. 'I knew it was the man who’d checked me in. Then his face disappeared.' Mrs Day, from Kirby, Nottingham, called the Walworth Castle Best Western reception and reported the incident.
She was told to lock her bedroom door and phone again in the morning. She was so shaken that she didn't sleep that night and pushed a wardrobe against the door to bar it from possible intruders.

The man was later given a caution for voyeurism by police because it was a first-time offence. It is also believed that he was fired from the hotel after CCTV footage was found of the incident.
But when Mrs Day complained to the chain, she was given a free night's stay as compensation at the same hotel where the incident happened in October.

 For months afterward she was afraid to be left alone and her husband, Nick, had to take off two weeks from work to be with her. 'I’m furious. He has been let off scot-free. I felt totally violated and I am still suffering the effects of his actions,' Mrs Day said.


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