Friday, 16 December 2016

Lamar Odom Speaks For The First Time after his Overdose

In a sit down interview with Dr Travis Stork of 'The Doctors ' which is the first time Lamar has spoken about his overdose in a Nevada brothel that left him in a coma,he gave an insight about how he felt.
Asked what is his last memory before waking up in hospital, a somber Lamar says:

 'Being in that damn brothel and thinking I was going to just rest a little bit. 'I wasn't in a good place mentally, especially mentally, before that incident happened.' The ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian continues with tears welling up in his eyes: 'Me and my wife at the time were going through some things. I was in a dark place.'

Lamar who is trying to find something positive about the incident said:

'So I guess they say everything happens for a reason so I guess I'm here so I can tell a story.'

 The former Laker revealed he awoke in hospital afraid and confused with his now ex-wife Khloe by his side. 'I didn't know until Khloe [Kardashian] had told me that I was in a coma. I couldn't even speak at the time. I couldn't talk. Nothing would come out when I would open my mouth, so I was scared.' .
He is reported to have checked himself into rehab .

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