Saturday, 17 September 2016

Cossy Orjiakor's Buhari and Goodluck

Actress Cossy Orjiako shared this picture of her cats who she named Buhari and Goodluck.She wrote this lengthy post along with the picture.

 "Hmmm my cats Buhari and Goodluck discussing about the Nigerian Economy . dollar rate.. All i want is a good looking sexy police officer like with Donald duke face. Uti nwachukwu eye.. Psquare flat board chest and ehhhh long thing.. He should come with those sexy handcuffs maybe the purple one I saw one on alibaba page.... Pls ooo don't send any policeman with oshomole face or obansanjo or goodluck or tinubu or mr IBU.. And he should speak phoney like jimiyke. All i want is a Super handsome police office with 6pack and stamina to arrest me this morning . and take me to aso rock prison. And serve aso rock food cuz mummy victor market is too expensive this days PS. If its a police woman then she must have fat soft ass and big tits. Hahahahhaha I must be high on some cheap stuff this morning".

 I guess this Buhari name thing isn't going away soon.

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