Saturday, 10 September 2016

Brazilian Couple With 13 Sons will Not Stop Childbearing Until They Have a Daughter

Irineu Cruz and his wife Jucicleide Silva have been trying so hard to have a female child, so much so that they already have 13 boys but they say they won't give up until they have a daughter.

They said they had promised themselves that all male children will be christened by Irineu while the female will be christened by Jucicileide.So it seems Jucicleide will not rest until she has at least one daughter to christen.
Irineu who is a farmer says he named all his kids after great footballers whose names starts with the letter 'R'.

The ages of their kids range from 18years t0 1 month old.The youngest son has been christened Ronaldo. His other brothers are: Robson, 18, Reinan, 17, Rauan, 15, Rubens, 14, Rivaldo, 13, Ruan, 12, Ramon, 10, Rincon, 9, Riquelme, 7, Ramires, 5, Railson, 3, and Rafael, 2.

Goodluck Trying.

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