Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Woman In Search Of A Male Child Made to Undergo Four Abortions in One Year

The quest for a male child by a Chinese couple has led to the death of the woman.The woman was made to undergo four abortions in one year!, an affiliation to People's Daily Online, gave the name of the woman as Yueyue, who had already giving birth to a baby girl in Shengangzhen of Wuhu.

 It is reported that the husband whose name was not given forced the wife to carry out an ultra-sound scan each time she was pregnant in order to determine the sex of the baby.When it was proven to be a female child , he made her abort the pregnancies.

 Sadly, after the fourth abortion, Yueyue took ill and was hospitalized.The husband is alleged to have served her a divorce letter while still the hospital instead of taking care of her.

 Yueyue was divorced and received a settlement of 170,000 Yuan with which she tried to save her life in the hospital.Unfortunately she did not survive.

 Her family took the ashes of her bones to her ex-husband who refused to come out to meet the family.

He is reported to be planning to marry another woman who will have a male child for him.

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