Thursday, 29 December 2016

Student Admits Killing Former Teacher And Their Child

A 23-year-old man confessed Tuesday to killing his former teacher and the child they had together years after the two started a love affair while she was his science teacher at a high school in New York City.

Felicia Barahona was discovered with an electrical cord around her neck in the living room and the
child’s body was left in the bathtub, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday. Isaac Duran Infante was 17 when the sexual relationship between him and his then 32-year-old teacher began at Dewitt Clinton High School. The two had a child a together in 2011, according to the New York Times Tuesday. Barahona, 36, and her 4-year-old son, Miguel, were found dead in her apartment Monday in Harlem, New York City.

The city medical examiner said Tuesday they were both choked to death.

Barahona made national headlines when she gave birth to the baby boy and was subsequently fired after the Department of Education found out that the father was Infante. Infante and Barahona separated while he was still in high school over the two not being able to agree on how they were going to raise their child together.

In the four years succeeding Miguel’s birth, Barahona managed to take care of the child on her own while also attending graduate school.

 Infante had been living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, when the two bodies were discovered Monday. Infante told New York City detectives he had been mad at Barahona for causing a conflict with his current lover and that he had a problem with how she was raising their child.


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