Monday, 19 December 2016

Woman Killed by Husband over Infidelity Claims by Both Partners

AN Ohio hair stylist, Cora Campbell, 32, was on Friday December 16th shot dead by her husband  at their home.

Reports say, Cora called 911 minutes before she was killed and told them that her husband had a gun. The phone line then disconnected. By the time police officers got to the couple's residence, Cora had
been shot dead by her husband, TJ Campbell, 41.

 A standoff ensued between police and her barricaded husband, T.J. Campbell, until about 7 a.m the following morning. He eventually ended the standoff and removed the couple’s 10-month-old child from the residence unharmed.Her lifeless body was also removed.

 Her last facebook post reads:
TJ also posted his version of their disagreement on Facebook before he killed her.....

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