Saturday, 24 December 2016

Helping Hands International(H2i) :Your Guarantee to Financial Freedom

HELPING HANDS INTERNATIONAL H2i is a non governmental organization with first, the vision to empower the less privileged people and orphanage homes through their partners. Helping hands international is an empowerment-based-membership program, a global empowerment opportunity born out of passion for helping the less privileged.


 1. Humanitarian services: As partner, you have the opportunity to recommend two (2) less privileged and an orphanage home. On your behalf, H2I will empower the less privileged persons with $1000 each.

 2. Trade and skill acquisition: As partner, you also have opportunity to enroll for a free trade and skill acquisition which include: -Computer Appreciation -Website Design -Fish/ Poultry farming -Soap Insecticides -Perfume production -Bead and Hat making -Paint production -Car tracking etc. You also get Certificate at the end of the training.

 3. Assets and property support: As partner, helping hands pays 70% of the property you want to purchase.

 4. Financial empowerment services: As partner you get loan up to $44,000, without interest or collateral.

5. Scholarship award: As partner, you receive scholarship award up to $2000 each for two of your children.

 Nevertheless, the three core projects of Helping Hands International are:

 1.Humanitarian services (Help to the needy, widows, orphans and handicapped).

 2.Human Capacity Development for sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services to members).

 3.Passive and Residual income for proper financial empowerment of its members. HOW DOES IT WORK As partners, though these skills are very expensive to learn elsewhere, you learn all skills for free.

 Our skills acquisition program is practical oriented. As partner, you encourage others to come and partner and acquired these skills - in other to get empowered and make a living. When you encourage others to join...YOU HAVE LEND A HELPING HAND.


Stage 1: You earn $26 or $58

 Stage 2: You earn $1000, Brand new Apple iPad or hp laptop, CUG line for limitless communication.

Stage 3: You earn $3000, Brand new Hyundai Elantra car (worth $22,000), $1000 cheque each handed over to two non member of H2i whom you personally recommended to H2i as less privilege.

 Stage 4: You earn $6000, Brand new Hyundai ix35 Jeep worth $27000, Support for an orphanage home you personally recommended to H2i Stage

5: You earn $12000, $40000 housing fund, $2,000 Education Fund for your children.

 The DISTANCE between DREAMS and REALITY is ACTION. I challenge you to explore this simple but powerful opportunity.

For info and details visit .

 Again! H2i is purely service oriented humanitarian MLM. We do Humanitarian, Skill Acquisition, Wealth -Creation Services.

 To be a partner, it requires a one time donation fee of $40 (=N=6, 600). No buying...No selling...100% risk free.

In H2i MLM Business , No selling or loitering around with goods, No transportation cost and all the problems associated with buying.  No strong leg, no weak leg. ...ITS JUST REFERRALS.

If you do not  want it for yourself, register for your children or ward, they will appreciate it in future! .

To participate Call or text +2349053230125

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