Thursday, 13 October 2016

Five Things to do In the Early Hours of Your Day to Be Successful

 The most successful people in business do these five things everyday, you too should try them.

1. Pre-work exercise: Going for a run or hitting the gym before work is essential. It clears your mind and psyches you up for the day ahead and any challenges it might bring.

 2. Eat a healthy breakfast: You can’t expect to be productive if you’re not fuelling your body properly, so eat a healthy breakfast as soon as you get into the office. By starting the day off well, and ensuring that you're giving your energy levels the best possible boost, you'll find it so much easier to focus throughout the day and stay motivated. The most successful people make wise choices when it comes to their first meal of the day.

  3. Clear your inbox: Whilst many people say you should leave this until the afternoon, it’s important to start the day off as you intend to go on so as soon as you sit down to work, make it a priority to clear your inbox, and respond to any urgent queries. Inbox clutter can lead to hours of wasted time and productivity, particularly if you have to spend time filtering through and searching for an email

 4. Determine your goals for the day: Once you've sorted through your inbox and you know exactly what needs doing, make sure to set clear goals for the day ahead. This  helps you stay on track and be productive if you know exactly what you want to have accomplished by the end of the day.

 5. Set yourself a priority list:Have  a to-do list after you've set yourself goals for the day, make a list of the key tasks that need completing, in order of priority and importance. This, is a simple way of ensuring that you're up to speed, and it enables you to stay productive and focused.

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